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10 Long-Awaited Sequels That Were Definitely Worth The Wait, According To Ranker


Top Gun: Maverick has been just released 36 years after the original film and is now close to hitting $1 billion at the box office. The film also managed to win over both critics and audiences – a great example of a long-awaited sequel that was definitely worth the wait.

Revisiting a classic or franchise after so many years can be tricky because the story may be out of date and important characters may not always return. While many similar attempts at the new Superior gun failed miserably, there are quite a few long-awaited returns that most certainly exceeded expectations, and private soldier picks the top 10.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Tron: Legacy (2010)

Released 28 years after the original tron, the sequel starred Garret Hedlund as Sam, the son of the first film’s protagonist, Kevin Flynn. In the film, he is drawn into the grid as he investigates his father’s disappearance.

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tron the legacy was worth the wait as it did justice to the distinctive aesthetic of the original, enhancing it with cutting-edge technology and CGI, making it the kind of expensive movie that looks expensive. Plus, Jeff Bridges returned to his iconic role as Kevin Flynn to add that taste of nostalgia.

9 Men in Black 3 (2012)

One of the craziest sci-fi movies of all time, men in black gave fans two corny but hilarious sequels. However, while the second movie wasn’t released until five years after the first, the third was released 10 years later. Men in Black II. Featuring one of the most iconic duos in comedy movies, the franchise follows Agents J and K as they monitor the strangest alien interactions on Earth.

Bringing back the hilarious style and soul of the original, the third installment in the franchise delivers a fun time and just about everything fans have come to expect in a MIBs movie, even if the story isn’t as compelling as the first movie.

8 Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

K and giant hologram in Blade Runner 2049.

Regardless of the shocking box office results, Blade Runner 2049 was an exciting surprise as no one expected such a bold sequence from the 1982 cyberpunk masterpiece. The new characters are compelling and K reminds viewers of the original protagonist, Deckard. It offers just the right amount of nostalgic appeal and pays off so incredibly that fans are looking forward to another streak in the future.

Exceeding everyone’s expectations, Blade Runner 2049 is faithful to the source material and still manages to innovate in several technical aspects and offer a hopeless future.

seven Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Zombies rush into the elevator in Dawn of the Dead.

George A. Romero revolutionized the zombie genre with the classic night of the living dead, making waves with its low-budget resources. The film uses a satirical yet effective approach to delivering horror and establishing an original mythology.

dawn of the dead came out 10 years later, taking the original formula and expanding it into something bigger and far more ambitious. Featuring an all-new set of characters, a group of survivors seek refuge in an isolated mall, while the number of infected people rapidly increases. It’s just as scary as it is funny, and the satirical aspects of the early films are once again present. Another big plus: everything is bloodily delivered by Tom Savini’s FX masterpiece.

6 Finding Dory (2016)

Baby Dory with her parents in Finding Dory

Pixar is increasingly trying to find excuses to bring its most timeless classics to life these days, but Finding Dory was definitely a good choice. Released 13 years later The world of Nemothe film honors a secondary character from the classic who often stole the show: Dory.

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Speaking to young and adult generations, the film follows Dory as she reunites with her friends, Marlin and Nemo, in search of answers about her past. The animation is groundbreaking as you’d expect from a Pixar movie, and the movie features heartbreaking scenes that make Finding Dory an easy crowd pleaser.

5 The Rescuers From Below (1990)

Released in one of the weakest times for Disney, Rescuers was one of the few films to stick in public memory at the time and a sequel was finally released 13 years later.

Just like the original, it’s a very simple and heartwarming story about the original duo of mice who are actually clumsy but heroic agents in action. Similar to the first film, Miss Bianca and Bernard set out to rescue a little boy and a rare golden eagle kidnapped by a lawless poacher, this time in the Australian wilderness.

4 Ash vs Evil Dead (2015 – 2018)

diabolical death is an incredible franchise on its own, but a crucial part of it is the character Ash and what he became. In addition to being the friendliest character in diabolical death, Ash is also the bravest and strongest, battling the forces of evil since the very first movie. With that in mind, bringing him back to star in his own TV show seemed like an exciting idea after 23 years since the original.

The series has proven to be worth the wait, winning over fans and critics alike with its classic dark humor and cartoonish cruelty that has become a hallmark of the franchise. Unfortunately, the TV show was unsatisfactory in terms of numbers and ended up being canceled, but fans are still hoping for a comeback.

3 The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Incredibles 2 took so long to release that fans almost started to lose faith in the project. It was released 14 years later, but the story continues right after the first film’s cliffhanger, ignoring the passage of time.

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It was actually a great idea to present the characters as they’ve been remembered by fans, and the sequel delivers the same charm and energy as the original, though some argue the new story isn’t worth it. not really worth telling. Incredibles is the kind of movie that only works because the characters are so endearing and funny that fans are just thrilled to see them back on screen.

2 Toy Story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 Ending Andy Bonnie Woody

the original toy story The film offered groundbreaking techniques using computer graphics and established Pixar as a disruptive animation company, but Toy Story 3 is considered the best film in the franchise due to its effective emotional appeal and incredible coming-of-age message from a generation that grew up on the Toy Story movies.

Released 10 years after the second movie, this sequel shows Andy’s detachment from his childhood toys as he prepares for college, leaving his beloved toys to face a scary new reality. It’s an incredible crowd pleaser with one of the most heartbreaking endings of any Pixar film.

1 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

This legacy sequel was released 30 years after the last madmax entry into the franchise, and it didn’t even bring Mel Gibson back into the iconic lead role. Even with the brand new set of characters, road of fury is faithful to the madmax wasteland mythology, taking it to another level with what is considered one of the most creative blockbusters of all time.

Besides the fact that it received 10 Oscar nominations, the movie was worth the wait due to its feat of accomplishing a mind-blowing journey with nearly uninterrupted action and balancing it with hints of drama and development. amazing character. Many would say that Mad Max: Fury Road is already a modern classic.

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