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2021 Graphic and Logo Design Pack Available for a Huge Offer for the Next Days


Are you a digital artist? Are you looking for ways to further develop your skills? If so, then here is something just for you. Wccftech has an amazing discount deal on the 2021 Graphic & Logo Design Pack for the next few days. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity, so do the deal ASAP.

Features of the 2021 Graphic Design and Logo Bundle

The package is massive and contains 6 courses. Each course will help you learn new skills. With 34 hours of content on branding, Photoshop, logo design and more, you’ll be an expert designer in no time. Here are the highlights of what the 2021 Graphic Design and Logo Bundle has in store for you:

  • Become a logo maker
    Learn the basic skills needed to build a career or business around logo design
  • Personal branding: get it right with a powerful branding design
    Create a Kick-Ass brand for free even if you don’t know how to (tag) the design
  • Branding 101 strategies: standing out from the crowd
    Learn the basics of branding, the difference between personal and corporate branding, how to use color psychology and other branding strategies.
  • Graphic design masterclass: learn excellent design
    The ultimate graphic design course, covering Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, design theory, branding and more
  • Photoshop hands-on: create 40 graphic design projects
    Learn handy Photoshop techniques you can immediately apply and create Facebook ads, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, newsletters, resumes, business cards and more
  • Animating hipster logos and badges in After Effects
    Step-by-step guide to designing and animating a fun badge logo using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects

SkillSuccess designed the courses. It is a company that has successfully delivered over 1000 online video courses to people around the world. So, are you ready to invest in your future now?

Original 2021 Award Graphic and Logo Design Set: $ 1,194
Wccftech 2021 Discount Price Graphic Design and Logo Set: $ 19.99


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