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7 things to know about the “Sports Illustrated” model

Neserin Danan

Totally herself! Sports Illustrated model and influencer Nathalie NoelThe authenticity of has captured the attention of 3.5 million Instagram users — and she’s enjoying every minute of it with pride.

Some might recognize the 25-year-old from her appearances in David Dobrikon YouTube’s “Vlog Squad,” but the Illinois native has since charted her own path. She recently appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Number for the second time recapping the “surreal” accomplishment via social media.

“YEAR TWO!! OH MY GOD !! STILL DOES NOT FEEL REAL!! she commented on the publication’s Instagram post congratulating her on the photoshoot in Belize.

Companion swimsuit model Camille Kostek gushed, “NAT 😍😍😍”, while IFit is Brooks Nader raved, “GO BEST FRIEND!!!! @natalinanoel 😍😍😍😍 crazy 😍😍.”

7 Things to Know About Sports Illustrated's Natalie Noel

Nathalie Noel

Neserin Danan

While reflecting on his professional journey, Noel exclusively told We Weekly that she still has a few major items she would like to check off her to-do list. “I’m obsessed with fashion day in and day out,” she said. “I would love to attend fashion week, be part of a luxury fashion campaign or even start my own brand one day! Who knows!”

Keep scrolling for more from Noel — from his celebrity crush to his tips for budding influencers:

Us: What was it like to be part of Sports Illustrated? How exciting was it for you to be part of it?

Natalie Noel: Sports Illustrated was the most stimulating moment of my career. They recognized and praised me for being exactly who I was and appreciated the differences I had from a stereotypical role model. I will never forget such an important achievement!

Us: Was there a pivotal moment in your life that really helped grow your followers?

NN: 2019 is when I saw the most growth and that was because I was collaborating and showing up with all kinds of people. I helped coordinate giveaways, surprises, and celebrity meet-and-greets with my friends for YouTube. We ate, slept and breathed our content and it showed. I’m biased, but we’ve made some of the most viral and epic videos on YouTube!

Us: What’s the best advice you can give on becoming an influencer?

NN: As cliché as it sounds, consistency is key! It’s important to find your niche – whether it’s a talent you have or something you’re passionate about – and tell the world about it. Creating content that you love and naturally engage with will attract a genuine and dedicated audience!

Us: What are three fun facts about you that no one knows?

NN: 1. I probably broke some sort of record for chronic hiccups. I have been receiving them every day, without fail for 10 years.
2. I put Cholula on everything.
3. I was due to be born on Christmas Eve, hence my middle name Noel.

Us: Which celebrity (if any) reached out to you to try to collaborate and/or said they were a fan? How was this conversation?

NN: I had the chance to meet my longtime love interest Halseyand the next day [they] asked me to be in [their] Valentine’s Day ad for AboutFace Beauty. I grew up on [Halsey’s] music and involvement [their] gigs. This 48 hour period seemed so surreal.

Us: Who (celebrity) is your biggest inspiration? Which account do you follow the most and what do you like about him/her?

NN: My biggest inspiration right now is Emma Gredeshe’s a boss — [she’s] CEO of Good American and co-founder of Skims. An overall very smart, driven and stylish businesswoman, her drive and accomplishments inspire me to do the same one day. I also, of course, love Halsey and [their] bold attitude. [They’re] don’t be afraid of anyone and tell it like it is!

Us: What is your goal as an influencer? What do you hope to accomplish and/or spread the word about?

NN: I’m obsessed with fashion day in and day out. I would love to attend fashion week, be part of a luxury fashion campaign or even start my own brand one day! Who knows! My favorite brand at the moment is Jacquemus. I think a person’s style speaks loudly, whether it’s exaggerated or minimal. I think style is best when it’s effortless and inexpensive.

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