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Algonquin Regional High School unveils its new mascot, the Titans

Algonquin Regional High School unveils its new mascot, the Titans

After about 10 months, since the Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee voted to retire the Tomahawk names, Algonquin Regional High School has now found its new nickname: the Titans.

The new nickname was chosen exclusively by students in a school-wide vote on Monday.

“I felt like there was a lot of interest in the building for the Eagles and the Titans,” Algonquin manager Sean Bevan said. “It ended up being Titans, which I heard the kids around the building already reacted positively to and I’m glad the kids had the choice they wanted.”

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The Titans topped the list of five potential names, including the Nor’Easters, Eagles, Thunder and Falcons.

Students from two separate marketing courses at Algonquin created presentations outlining the pros and cons of each name.

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“We asked a marketing class to create a series of brief screencasts that were informative videos of each of the five options, describing their brand attributes that make them a good choice, and things voters might want. consider before choosing that one,” Bevan mentioned.

Another marketing class launched a social media campaign that ran simultaneously during the final two weeks leading up to the school-wide vote.

Bevan believes that Titan not only exemplifies strength and power, qualities often sought after in a sports team mascot, but also exemplifies other qualities that make Algonquin.

“Things like performing arts or the classroom, literature, other art forms,” Bevan said. “So the word Titan can truly capture anyone who conveys greatness or excellence.”

The new moniker also received positive support from some coaches.

“I was proud to be a ‘Tomahawk’ and now I’m proud to be a ‘Titan’,” tweeted Algonquin football coach Mark Allen. “I look forward to honoring our past traditions while creating new ones.

“The future of ARHS is bright thanks to our great communities. Glad to continue to be a part of it”

The work is far from over. According to Bevan, the logo that was shown as part of Friday’s unveiling is just a fictional logo.

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A draft rendering of a new logo for the new Algonquin mascot "Titans" which was unveiled on Friday afternoon February 11, 2021.

“We’ll be working with a graphic designer to create multiple images, including our logo and anchor image,” Bevan said. “It might look like that, but it might be very different.”

This process will begin next week and students will also have their say.

New uniforms will also need to be ordered along with new gym flooring and scoreboards named after the Titans as opposed to the T-Hawks or Tomahawks.

“When I think of Algonquin, I think of the pride, the school spirit, the camaraderie, the community all tied into one,” Algonquin athletic director Mike Mocerino said in a video unveiling the new nickname. “We will always celebrate our former mascot by uniting Algonquin under a new mascot and bringing that sense of pride as we transition into the future.”

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