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Before the Games in Tokyo: Moviebook shares information on trends in sports and education technology | New


BEIJING, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-based infrastructure and services for intelligent video production, has opened up to share its valuable insight into the AI ​​technologies that potentially have the capacity to ” influence large-scale sporting events, such as upcoming competitions in Tokyo, as well as the education sector.

The Moviebook information includes a number of ways AI technologies can improve the sports viewing experience. Through the use of digital twin and VR / AR technologies, organizers are able to reproduce life-size digital replicas of athletes without using motion sensors or 3D glasses. Smart video production technologies can be used by broadcasters to seamlessly integrate sponsor branding elements into the viewing experience without disrupting the entertainment. Additionally, facial recognition and machine learning can be harnessed to generate intelligent highlights that accurately recap major events, delivering an exceptional and comprehensive viewing experience both online and offline.

An industry insider noted that the future of sports streaming services is about engaging viewers by enabling a smooth and immersive HD experience using AI technologies. By integrating a number of cutting-edge tools, Moviebook is able to create world-class, immersive entertainment experiences that consumers love. It has been reported that some of the best and brightest minds in Moviebook have been brainstorming ideas recently, striving to find ways that could potentially enrich the viewing experience at events as important as those that take place in Tokyo this year, to take an example.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way elite sport is played and consumed around the world. Due to the various lockdown and social distancing policies, competitions were delayed and athletes found themselves playing in empty or nearly empty stadiums without the usual noisy crowds. Besides affecting players, this lack of atmosphere also reduced viewing pleasure for fans. Moviebook can solve this problem by digitally recreating the “full stage effect” of pre-COVID times using AR technology. This means that the stands seem full of enthusiastic supporters who react organically to events throughout the match.

The use of smart video production tools of Moviebook is also applicable to the education sector. In collaboration with higher education institutions and research institutes, Moviebook offers a number of tools to help digital transformation. By integrating sophisticated technologies, the company helps improve the quality of online and offline education through applications such as virtual teachers, an AI teaching experience center, classroom visualization and teacher quality quantifiers.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, aims to strengthen the monetization capacity of media, retail, education and culture customers through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook dramatically improves the efficiency of the production of visual content and innovates in the ways of presenting and interacting with this content. . By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook pioneers a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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