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Bethel Target Store to expand to include Starbucks bar


Target stores across the country are getting a facelift, and that includes the Target store in Bethel.

The retail giant pledged in March that it would invest some $ 4 billion to renovate many of its existing stores, add new stores and improve its online locations. One of the Target stores that has received a major overhaul is the Stony Hill Road store in Bethel.

According to retaildive.com, a 13,000 square foot expansion is planned at the store, which has been in this Bethel location since 2004. Part of the renovation will be used to improve the operational and fulfillment capabilities of the stores as well as an upgrade to more modern light fixtures, health updates like touchless bathrooms, and the addition of hand sanitizer stations. Another part of the plan is to add a Starbucks coffee bar next to the current Target Cafe, which would also receive a complete overhaul.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Target has relied heavily on its contactless pickup and drive-thru delivery services, which grew 235% in 2020. As there is increasing demand for products, store reserve Bethel can only hold about 50% of the product needed to operate successfully, so more space was needed to hold additional inventory.

Bethel’s location isn’t the only target having a planned overhaul this year. According to a press release from the company, they are giving 150 locations what they call a “major shine.”

In addition to the additional storage space, the project would also include a new employee lounge, a training conference room and the Starbucks coffee bar.

Other additions to the Bethel store will include a Disney store, a possible Ulta store, and in February the company also announced its partnership with Apple to roll out Apple mini stores in select locations.

Target has already renovated some 800 stores across the country.

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