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What. A game.

In Jeff Hafley’s first non-conference game against a Power-5 opponent, the Boston College Eagles won the W in an instant classic with the Missouri Tigers. In a home and away game that extended into overtime, the BC stars made big plays to freeze the game in overtime.

Missouri opened the fourth quarter with a quick touchdown, culminating in a three-yard touchdown to bring the game down to under three. The Eagles couldn’t do anything in the next practice, quickly moving up to three and away and returning to Mizzou.

The Tigers put in another touchdown workout, with quarterback Connor Bazelak doing several clutch plays to extend the workout. Missouri star running back Tyler Badie had a great catch and run to convert a third down and also kicked the ball into the end zone to give Missouri the lead.

With just over six minutes to go, the Eagles recovered the ball by four. Helped by a 15-yard penalty kick off, British Columbia started their push with an excellent position on the field. As they did for most of the game, BC relied on their running game to move the ball across the field. Dennis Grosel converted a third down with an excellent slanting pitch to Zay Flowers. Travis Levy, the de facto closest to the running hall, had a great run where he bounced him on the outside and put the Eagles in the ten.

But he grabbed the defender’s mask as he tried to stiffen him, resulting in a penalty. This made BC back down, but they didn’t get discouraged and converted the first down again. Third and running inside the ten, Travis Levy took another transfer, trucked in two defenders and dove into the end zone with 25 seconds left. After an extra point from Connor Lytton, BC took a three-point lead.

However, it was not over yet. Mizzou put together another solid practice, using the sideline and timeouts to cross the fifty-yard line with some time left. With just six seconds to go, Connor Bazelak made a quick exit to give Missouri a few extra yards to aid in their field goal attempt. Kicker Harrison Mevis came onto the field for a career-long 56-yard field goal. Surprisingly, Mevis started him through the uprights to tie the game with no time, sending the game into overtime.

Boston College got the first ball in overtime. Dennis Grosel completed a clutch pass to Travis Levy while riding on the third down, which put BC in the top ten. After Levy lost a yard in the race, BC quickly came back to the line. As Missouri’s defense adjusted, Dennis Grosel recovered the ball, rigged the back and landed a perfect touchdown at Zay Flowers in the back of the end zone. After another extra point from Connor Lytton, the onus was now on the Missouri Tigers, who would need a touchdown to continue the game.

On the next play, Missouri quarterback Connor Bazelak stepped back to pass and threw a fade ball into the front corner of the end zone. But Brandon Sebastian, who was wrecked by a Missouri wide receiver earlier in the game, had a nice interception to end the game. With the interception, BC scored a 41-34 victory.

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