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Buy a Motorcycle – Important for financing

  • Cash discount at the dealer
    If you pay cash to the merchant, attractive cash advances are often available. Just ask for it and use the currently favorable lending rates, if you want to finance your new motorcycle.
  • Compare loans
    With offers from different banks, you can find the loan that suits you best.
  • Improve creditworthiness
    Additional collateral can increase your credit rating, for example by entering a second borrower.

The motorcycle stands like no other vehicle for freedom and driving pleasure. Cruising the country road with the chopper, lashing the enduro through the mud or the super sports car on the highway – the possibilities are manifold. But as “rebellious” as motorcycling is still, so structured you should proceed when buying a motorcycle.

If you want to buy a cheap bike, you should first choose a model that fits your needs. After all, what use is the expensive super sports car if you just want to cruise with friends in the summer? You can also save a lot of money if you buy a used motorcycle. What is important in this and in the case of a possible financing of the dream on two-wheelers, we show you in the guide.

Cheap finance the motorcycle purchase

Cheap finance the motorcycle purchase

Paradoxically, you can even use the financing to save money, even though you have to pay interest on the loan. This is possible through cash advances discounts:

  • You take out a loan for a motorcycle at a bank.
  • The money can be paid in cash and go to the dealer.
  • This offers the buyer a cash payer discount, which is often between three and eight percent.
  • If the purchase price actually amounts to 10,000 euros, you only pay 9,200 to 9,700 euros.

If the loan itself is low-interest, the cash discount can offset the interest costs. This is especially the case when the motorcycle is not fully leveraged, but buyers also bring some equity into the financing.

A disadvantage of the financing is above all a certain inflexibility, which is related to the loss of value of motorcycles. If you decide to buy a new bike, the value drops rapidly in the first year or three. If you then want to sell the bike, the proceeds of the sale will usually not be enough to pay off the remaining debt of the borrowed loan. The result: you continue to pay credit installments without using the bike.

Possibilities of financing

The purchase of a used or new motorcycle can quickly cost several thousand euros. With that, you can still get away cheaper than in a car, but even here financing can make sense. You basically have two options:

  1. Bank Loan: Many banks have special auto loans that can be used on vehicles in general, including motorcycles. Although this purpose limitation restricts flexibility somewhat, you usually pay lower interest rates for it.
  2. Dealer financing: Dealer financing can only be provided by commercial providers. Then you pay individual rates for the motorcycle to be able to distribute the acquisition costs over a longer period of time. Again, this often incurs interest. If you buy a used motorcycle from a private dealer, the possibility of dealer financing unfortunately does not exist.

Compare worthwhile!

In order to finance the bike cheaply, it is essential to compare offers with the help of a credit comparison. Especially direct and online banks are usually much cheaper than the own house bank. Especially since a stationary consultation in a branch with the simple motorcycle loan is not needed and thus no higher financing or interest costs justifies.

How to save on the motorcycle purchase

How to save on the motorcycle purchase

If you want to buy a bike, you will save a lot of money by choosing a bike that fits your needs perfectly. Have you just made your driver’s license, a cheap all-rounder is usually enough. If you want to be faster, you can drive much cheaper with a “normal” athlete than with the more powerful “super athlete” – but the performance is still more than tidy.

Significantly more expensive to buy, however, are choppers, cruisers and tourers. Of course you will get “more motorcycles” for your money, which only pays off if you like driving on the highway. Especially the costly touring BMW for example, are located in the five-digit price segment. If you drive a longer tour every two years, the investment is hardly worth it.

Buy a motorcycle: used is cheaper

Once you have decided on a suitable type, you can continue to save money by buying used motorcycles. However lurk certain pitfalls that motorcycle buyers should necessarily bypass. A short guide shows you how to proceed best when buying a second hand:

  1. First, the online search for used motorcycles is on. It quickly shows that mass models and bestsellers are significantly cheaper than very unusual variants. Take time to choose two or three models of your choice.
  2. Then you research specific offers for the desired models from different providers. Then make an appointment with the sellers.
  3. Decisive when buying a motorcycle is already the first impression: Is the bike clean and well maintained? Do you notice damage or even rust at first sight?
  4. Subsequently, a closer look should be made. Less important is the mileage, but rather the regular care. Ask about maintenance appointments and detect scratches (turn signals, cylinders, handlebar ends, cladding). These often indicate possible falls. Try to estimate the seller a little better, which often allows conclusions about the driving style.
  5. Fit the motorcycle to your ideas, the test drive is on.
  6. In the last step you negotiate the price with the seller. In doing so, reiterate all the arguments that you have gathered in the consideration and make use of the knowledge of the previous online research.

New motorcycles usually very expensive

Alternatively, you can of course also buy a new motorcycle. But be aware that new models are actually much more expensive. Already in the first one to two years the value of the vehicles falls strongly. But you can still save money here:

  • Demonstration bikes are often a bargain but are rarely available. This is worthwhile an intensive research and some patience.
  • Even unused previous year’s models are already losing noticeable value compared to the latest generation – but performance and ride comfort are only marginally lower.
  • You can save extra, for example, if you use a low-cost financing or pay directly in cash.

Buy a motorcycle online

In the meantime, you can no longer look for motorcycles online, but have new models ordered and delivered directly online. Because dealers will incur lower costs, you too can benefit from price advantages. But be sure to compare offers before you decide “blind” to buy.

How to find the right motorcycle

How to find the right motorcycle

Motorcycles are available in different variants, from the leisurely cruiser to the “dirty” enduro to the powerful athlete. The models differ from each other both in terms of driving characteristics and price. A short overview:


As the name suggests, the Allrounder can do practically anything. With the models, you are relatively fast on the road, but do not come close to the super sports car. But you sit a little more comfortably, but not as relaxed as the chopper. As a rule, allrounders are the least expensive motorcycles.

Tip: It is best to buy such a motorcycle if you have not owned your own machine yet.

Chopper and Cruiser

They are still considered two-wheeled kings of the highway: the comfortable chopper and cruiser. Riders sit upright on the machines, legs falling wide to either side. The loud sound completes the image of the “Rocker-Bikes” perfectly. Although the performance models do not suit super athletes, the bikes of famous brands like Harley-Davidson are very expensive.

Tip: Choppers and Cruisers are perfect for relaxed country tours or day trips.

Custom Bike

Here, too, the name says it all: the custom bike is not a mass-produced product, but a custom-made item or only available in very small quantities. Most of these are choppers or cruisers, which have particularly unusual designs. So you are the eyes of other road users safely, but you usually have to put well over 10,000 euros for such a machine on the table.

Tip: Custom bikes are perfect motorcycles for real lovers who would like to attract attention.


Not only in cars, but also in the field of motorcycles there are vintage cars. Of course they emit the charm of the ’60s or’ 70s, but of course they do not match today’s models when it comes to performance – but that is less important because these motorcycles focus on the nostalgic design. The problem of the bikes, however, is that they are much more maintenance-intensive than new motorcycles.

Tip: If you want to buy such a motorcycle used, you should be best yourself passionate “screwdriver” in order not to have to even in smaller matters in the often expensive workshop.


Enduros aim in a completely different direction. Although you can drive the bikes on the road, their strengths are the lightweight yet robust two-wheelers but only in the field. The muddy and gruff the surface, the better. Even jumps are possible with this precursor of pure moto-cross.

Tip: Enduro bikes are aimed at experienced drivers who like to drive off-road.

Naked bike

As motorcycles became mass suitable, they were actually “naked”. These bikes are now cult because they are barely disguised and allow deeper insights into the technology. For the comfort during driving is usually relatively low, because the air pressure due to the lack of disguise acts heavily on the driver.

Tip: Naked bikes are also vintage cars and therefore particularly suitable for lovers of design.

Athlete / super athlete

Super athletes are real powerhouses, leaving every Porsche 911 in the rain. Even swanky sports cars have no chance against the athletes who need from 0 to 100 only about two to three seconds. Nevertheless, the motorcycles have a street legal, but may only be extended under the Highway Code.

Tip: If you love speed and to whom an all-rounder offers too little performance, you will find a good choice with athletes or super athletes.


A little more relaxed than with the chopper or cruiser is the tourer. You can easily attach side pockets to the vehicle, for example, to travel longer and take along appropriate luggage. Real fun here makes the leisurely driving on the highway, for faster driving, the two-wheelers are hardly suitable.

Tip: If you plan to travel more often for several days or weeks, you should bet on a tourer.


Although the quad is no longer a two-wheeler, but still counts to the class of motorcycles. Although you can drive on the road with the device, that’s hardly fun. Quads only show off their strengths off-road and are comparable to Enduro bikes – however, quads have four wheels, allowing more daring maneuvers.

Tip: Quads are designed for pure off-road fun.


The scooter is a convenient means of transportation, which has advantages over a car, especially in tough city traffic. Scooters are extremely cost-effective to purchase and maintain, but due to the top speed of around 50 to 70 km / h, they are not suitable for longer journeys.

Tip: The scooter is a good alternative to the car.

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