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Career in the Gaming Industry: How to Make a Career in the Gaming Industry in India

The gaming industry is growing in India, despite the fact that many people in the country did not think it would grow globally. In reality, we are not in a nostalgic time where we still use cassette tapes to play games from time to time; the industry and its audience have evolved beyond that. We now have storytelling, gameplay, audio, visual effects, and immersive action in games that often produce realistic, cinematic experiences.

Gambling is one of the key industries currently generating a variety of job opportunities and is too big for India to ignore. According to the IBEF report, the industry is expected to create 10,000 to 12,000 jobs by 2023. Those wishing to enter this booming industry have many promising opportunities as studios are actively hiring talent who possess relevant skills as well as a passion for the game. For example, Sumo India is currently recruiting for nearly 50 positions in total for its Pune and Bangalore locations.

Government support

Even the government is strongly supportive of the Indian gaming market, with this year’s Union Budget announcing the establishment of a new task force known as ‘AVGC’. This new working group was set up to meet the global demand for animation, visual effects, games and the comics industry.

This will enable Indian players in the sector to explore at least 5% of the $800 million industry and create new jobs every year. As part of this campaign, the focus will be on developing a National AVGC Policy, establishing a National Curriculum Framework for Graduation, Postgraduate and PhD in AVGC-related sectors – the development of skills initiatives in association with academic institutions, as well as the stimulation of employment opportunities.

In this way, the positioning of the Indian AVGC segment will be enhanced in the global markets. This initiative by the government is just another step in recognizing the huge growth potential of the games sector and its ability to generate jobs while promoting game titles, as part of the initiative “ Make in India”, globally.

Pursue gambling as a career prospect
There are a host of career opportunities to explore in the game, and India is no exception.

Programming roles are very important as programmers contribute significantly to game development. Learning computer languages ​​like C++ can lead to promising job opportunities in the gaming industry, including our studios


Having a solid education can increase your chances of getting job opportunities.
However, it is the coding language skills and abilities that can prove critical to landing the job, as most gaming companies conduct coding tests and tech rounds as part of the recruitment process to analyze the potential of the candidate.

The artists take care of the graphic aspect of the games. Specialized in 3D, concept or UI subcategories; these are crucial roles in the gaming industry – often creating a portfolio and uploading them to websites such as Artstation and Behance.

These, in turn, serve as a platform for artists to share their projects and showcase their talent to the world, allowing hiring managers and people in the recruitment industry to see their passion and skills first-hand. .

Based on industry trends, gaming professionals with two to three years’ experience can earn up to Rs 5-7 lakh per year. This can vary greatly depending on skills and experience. There are also many opportunities for freelancers. Freelancers can also earn Rs 10-15 lakh per year depending on domestic or international projects.

game design

Game design is another key role in the gaming industry. Game designers are responsible for designing different levels of games as well as ensuring the placement of elements.

Various institutes in India are currently providing the necessary training to help candidates to become game designers. When we talk about expertise for console games in particular, the skill set for the same roles is still lacking in India and there is a shortage of skills. However, it is expected that India will soon become a talent hub, comprising both mobile and console game development.

Game management roles

In addition, there are also managerial positions available in the Indian gaming industry – for example, freshmen with an MBA in HR would be ideal for HR-related roles.
People looking to change industries can also get career opportunities in the games industry in disciplines such as recruitment, as the basic expertise required here is mainly hiring and any previous gaming experience. is a bonus..

Marketing is also a viable job option in the gaming segment. You have the option of being a Product Marketer, where you promote the product or the game through different marketing strategies on different channels. Another choice is to take on the role of a Studio Marketer, which consists of managing the recruitment department with the sole responsibility of promoting the studio to attract talent.

Quality assurance
The roles

Roles in quality assurance, also known as QA, are another viable career avenue that can be explored. This department is responsible for testing games while they are in the development process. Builds are sent to the team for testing during its various stages of development to catch bugs and ensure improvements are made, but the next stages of development are complete. Once scanned, the designers and developers then work to fix the issues and deliver the update.

The Path to Building a Career in the Indian Gaming Industry

An ideal situation to build your career in the gaming industry is to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s degree or further qualifications through degree courses offered by educational institutions.

Ideally, having a bachelor’s degree in areas such as computer science, game design, game development, computer graphics/art/animation/illustration, and marketing can help kick-start your career in game industry. Game designer, game developer, game tester, game animator, visual artist, sound engineer, interpreters and translators and market research analyst are some of the many career options that can be continued after gathering the required skills.

In particular, candidates who have expertise in computer languages, game design, animations and visual effects have access to great opportunities in the sector. Whether you’re just starting out or a freelancer, the gaming industry offers plenty of opportunities to thrive and grow.

While learning the ropes, it’s also worth reaching out to those already working in the industry to better understand what it’s like to work in a specific role, which can help people younger and less experienced in preparing in advance, as well as gaining good contacts for the future.

In the gaming industry and in many studios, all departments and roles work in sync to create a high-end finished product. Of course, the degrees held by the candidates and the reputation of the institute are also important, but a person’s background is not the only criteria on which talent recruitment focuses. Even if a person comes from a mid-level institute, having an exceptional skill set and relevant experience can make all the difference. Besides qualifications, skills and passion for the game in a candidate are valued by many studios.

With the Indian gaming ecosystem evolving at a rapid pace, this lucrative industry is set to reach new heights in the future – so it is important that people, from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, identify and seize the opportunities that are emerging in the Indian gambling sector, which could serve as a major platform for them to build a successful career.

(The author is the Studio Director of Sumo India Studios)