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Combining art and fashion – Queen Anne & Magnolia News


Although Zac Cooper, owner of Coopers Optics, a designer eyewear store in Uptown, has been working with eyewear for several years, he only recently decided to take his business to the next level.

In addition to running his eyewear business, specializing in high-end eyeglass frames, Cooper said he was also an artist and that one day when narrowing his art collection he was inspired to create her own designer frames that incorporated her artwork.

“I’m a shrewd person,” Cooper said, adding that combining his love for art with glasses seemed like a fun challenge and the next step in his business.

After a few sketches and seeing which work of art suited the eyeglass frames he had in mind, Boldazza Eyewear was launched.

“I think I always had the desire to do this in my mind when I opened my store,” Cooper said. “It’s funny. I’m excited for this.

Cooper designed the frames himself, taking into account the styles of glasses currently trending in Europe, knowing that they will soon become popular in America.

After working with a graphic designer, the final designs were sent to a company that manufactures eyeglass frames in Europe and had a small selection of eyeglasses made.

The glasses, which can be sunglasses or regular eyeglasses, come in six different colors that feature a pattern of his artwork.

“I’ve kind of gotten a little bigger and bigger,” said Cooper, adding that his first line of Boldazza frames is designed for women, but will grow over the next year or so. “It evolved quite quickly.

Cooper said he was close to his mother, Kathy, and wanted his first line of glasses to pay homage to him. Future lines will honor other family members.

“Family is a great pillar of my values,” Cooper said.

With a design behind him, Cooper said his goals for 2022 will be to create five more models, including one for men and one for children.

“It’s not the design that’s the hard part, it’s the artwork,” Cooper said, adding that one of the challenges is figuring out which part of his artwork is ideal for his frames. Not all artwork is suitable for glasses. For his first line he showcased the strong lines and primary colors he created in one of his pieces.

Not all of his artwork will work on eyeglass frames, he said, nor will he create artwork with his eyewear line in mind.

“You can’t put art in a box,” Cooper said.

Cooper said that while he’s proud of what he’s created, he doesn’t see his eyewear lines expanding, at least initially, beyond Coopers Optics. For now, he’s just interested in creating eyewear that showcases his artwork for his Seattle clients and seeing where his creativity takes him.

“I’ll be fine keeping it small for now,” he said. “I would like him to grow organically. I think it’s always going to include art.

Currently, people can pre-order Cooper’s glasses at Coopers Optics, 315 First Ave. N., in Uptown, across from Climate Pledge Arena. Visit https://coopersoptique.com for more information, or follow Coopers Optique on Facebook.