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Concert workers and freelancers appreciate the flexibility of working together, but lack employment benefits that would provide them with greater financial stability and general well-being.


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EDMONTON, Alta., Aug.11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Market research firm Advanis announces the second installment of its Future of Work series, an exclusive study of the Gig Economy Worker in the United States.


Advanis’s survey of 621 Americans working in concert or freelance roles shed light on the profiles and needs of those working in the concert economy, in particular:

  • Freelancers and Gig Workers are distinct from each other when it comes to the type of work they do, their profile / demographics, their motivations and their needs.
  • Work on stage isn’t just booming because workers appreciate flexibility and freedom. It is also on the rise as many workers have no choice but to work for concerts.
  • The most noted downside of gig work is financial instability, which affects the ability of workers to obtain business credit.
  • With traditional benefits being a much missed benefit of traditional employment, workers want some form of portable benefits as well as a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Freelancers and Gig Workers are unique in their profiles and motivations.
Freelancers tend to be men (56%), college educated (66%), high income (35% with $ 100,000 and over), living in urban areas (51%).

“I like to do things on the side. I just like to keep busy. It really is not about the money. – Freelance (southern United States)

Concert workers tend to be female (56%), low income (50% under $ 50,000) and without a college degree (60%) and living in the suburbs (65%).

“I started working for concerts when I realized that I would never make enough money as an employee. “- Gig Worker (Southern United States)

Most freelancers and Gig Workers do gigs by choice (74% and 73% respectively).

Freelancers and Gig Workers also show differences in their individual needs for tools to do their jobs.
Their tool needs differ, with freelancers showing a need for digital tools that help productivity (48%), collaboration (48%) and security (46%). Meanwhile, Gig Workers places a high priority on business payment services (33%) and shipping services (30%) and security (29%).

Financial instability is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to working together.
A majority of freelancers (72%) and office workers (66%) are concerned about financial instability. Additionally, these concerns about financial instability mostly come from younger, lower-income people, who have concerts as their main source of income.

People concerned about financial stability are more likely to work out of necessity (31%), leading to a more pessimistic view of general work. This leads them to be less likely to enjoy working together and / or to cite personal growth as a benefit of this arrangement. They are also more likely to cite downsides, such as uncertain pay, insecurity, stress, and burnout.

“Freelancing is really a gamble, and you never really know how well you are going to do” – Gig Worker (southern United States)

The lack of financial stability leads to a great interest in public and private products that would help bring stability and well-being to freelancers and concert workers.
Some of the most missed job benefits from Freelancers and Gig Workers are:

Independent Concert workers
Health insurance coverage 46% 40%
Constant income 57% 64%
Employer-funded pension plan 47% 42%
Paid vacation 40% 43%

74% of people concerned about financial instability are interested in Universal Basic Income (RUB). This program would give every adult citizen a fixed amount of money on a regular basis and help allay the concerns of freelancers and Gig Workers about constant income and paid time off.

71% of people concerned about financial stability are interested in a Portable benefit package. This would be a worker-owned benefit package applied to every new job they take on, helping freelancers and missed Gig Workers to get employment-related benefits, such as l health insurance and a retirement plan.

“No health insurance. No 401k “ – Gig Worker (Western United States)
“The salary fluctuates easily, so the income is not really stable.”- Freelance (Western United States)

The difficulty in meeting the terms of loan applications is greater among those concerned about financial stability.
Only 36% of Freelancers and 24% of Gig Workers have a business credit card, 18% of Freelancers and 7% of Gig Workers have a business line of credit. This inability to obtain business loans causes workers to use their personal credit to meet the needs of their business.

About Advanis
Advanis is a privately held Canadian market research and social studies company founded in 1990 and recognized for its innovation and responsiveness. Advanis engages with key stakeholders to provide research-based information and advice that helps our clients make sound, evidence-based decisions about their most critical marketing, business and public policy issues. We serve private and public sector clients, focusing on customer experience, product design, pricing and social research. We offer a full range of research services (quantitative, qualitative and analytical).

For other recent survey publications: https://www.advanis.net/self-sponsored-studies
Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta
Other locations: Waterloo, Montreal
President: Michael Williams
Ownership: Private property
Employees: 50 Full time

Survey methodology
An online survey of 616 Canadians and 621 Americans (US), all adults who are currently working as freelancers or entrepreneurs, as concert or platform workers, or looking for extra income, was conducted by Advanis from April 26 to May 17, 2021. Details available on request.

The US participants – 233 freelancers and 388 other concert workers – were recruited using a panel and completed the online survey. National results for freelancers are accurate to +/- 6.4%, 19 times out of 20. National results for other concert workers are accurate to +/- 5.0%, 19 times out of 20. The margin d The error is larger among the subsets of the population.

For the purposes of this survey, “gig” refers to working as a freelance writer / entrepreneur, as a gig worker / platform worker (e.g. Uber, TaskRabbit, Instacart), or on the other hand, for additional income (eg Etsy, EBay, sit-down jobs). We make a distinction between Gig Workers and Freelancers.
Independent: those who work primarily in freelance professional services (eg graphic designer, programmer, writer); and
Concert workers: those who work primarily for concerts such as transportation and delivery services, seated work, maintenance and manual labor, personal assistance services, online content delivery, online retail or in person.

Advanis is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) and confirms that this research fully complies with all CRIC standards, including the CRIC Public Opinion Research Standards and Disclosure Requirements.

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Senior Vice-President, Business Development
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