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Create trippy works of art in the digital space with this on-sale graphic program


Prices and availability of the offer are subject to change after publication.

TL; DR: Give your digital art game a boost with Amberlight 2. Starting August 9, get a lifetime membership for just $ 39.99, that’s 55% off.

If you’ve ever spent hours drawing designs with a spirograph, you know that geometry and mathematical curves can create truly fascinating works of art. But in the digital space, it’s hard to recreate these trippy designs – unless you have the right software, of course. Microsoft Paint and Adobe Illustrator will not be enough. You’ll need an Amberlight 2 subscription if you want to get some truly psychedelic digital art.

With Amberlight 2, you can create stunning computer-generated designs and even animations that will expand your artistic horizons and add magic to your digital content. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows the magic to easily spread across the screen in the form of swirls, trails of light, glows, otherworldly fractal designs and more. It is a tool that rewards creativity and discovery with breathtaking and truly unique works of art. And just like your Spirograph designs of yesteryear, the secret lies in the unique mathematical algorithm.

Check it out:

Like most digital graphics programs, the interface looks a bit intimidating at first. But there is a getting started tutorial that will show you the ropes and once you start playing the interface becomes extremely intuitive and can even be customized to your liking.

The fast procedural rendering engine allows you to render your designs as images or animations. Use variation and wave modifiers to adjust the look of your scene and experiment with the parameters. Combine layers with images, photos and videos with over 50 gradients and presets. You can even create your own presets for future designs.

Whether you’re an advanced artist or just want to relive your artistic glory days as a spirograph, Amberlight 2 is quickly becoming a digital art toolkit standard. It’s received rave reviews from 3D World, Digital Production Magazine, and ImagineFX – and it’s on sale for a total theft.

For a limited time, you can get a lifetime membership (usually $ 89) for just $ 39.99.

Credit: Exhaust movements


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