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Denver Broncos Player Profile: Netane Muti | OG


There was a lot of excitement when the Denver Broncos selected Netane Muti in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He was a player many saw as a second or third round prospect who fell because he only played 19 games over several years at Fresno State.

Muti just couldn’t stay healthy, but when he was there he was impressive. While it took a while, Broncos fans have seen Muti step onto the pitch twice in the last few games.

All that excitement fell apart when Muti because it wasn’t a good performance overall. However, it was his first NFL action after spending a lot of time in college due to injury, and yet he was still showing some flashes.

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Muti’s best impact came in the running game, especially against the Carolina Panthers in Week 14, where he did some big blocks to help make long field gains. Sadly, his performance as a run blocker in that game did not continue until the season finale where he wrestled in all phases against the Las Vegas Raiders.

On top of that, for as good as he looked like a running blocker, Muti was on the other end of the scale when it comes to pass protection. He posted success blocking ratings of 40.3 and 5.5, respectively, leading to an overall rating of 15.8 via Focus on professional football.

It wasn’t pretty and in that game against the Panthers, Muti blew up a block that nearly cost the Broncos the game. Overall, he lived up to expectations as a rookie when his number was called.

Muti is a young player who has seen his first action in a long time at the highest level after suffering so many injuries. In addition, he had to work on a lot of things and he was clearly not ready.

Now Muti and the coaches know what to really focus on and have worked to improve those areas. This is a great training camp for the former Bulldog and he should be able to earn a deep spot on the 53 player roster.

With another year of development under his belt, Muti could then compete for a starting post in 2022 at either guard post.

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