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Direct Relief Content and Repost Policy


Unless otherwise specified, Direct Relief authorizes the free republication of its articles and graphics under a Creative Commons License (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International), since the re-publisher meets the requirements identified below.

For more information, please check with Direct Relief by clicking on the “Get in touch” button available on this link.

Repost stories

What are Direct Relief’s requirements for reposting its stories?

For attribution, Direct Relief requires that the re-publisher:

    • Include a signature with the journalist’s name and Direct Relief in the following format: “Author’s name, direct relief.” If attribution in this format is not possible, include the following language at the top of the story: “This story was originally published by Direct Relief.”
    • Keep any slogan at the bottom of the story. The standard attribution is: Direct Relief News is a nonprofit news service operated by the humanitarian medical aid group Direct Relief.

Can the stories be edited or edited?

Yes, with permission from Direct Relief, media partners can make changes such as locating content for a particular area, using a different title, or shortening the text of the article. To confirm that the changes are acceptable, please check with Direct Relief using the form below [get in touch].

If new content is added to the origin story (for example, a comment from a local manager), a note with the language to the effect of the following should be included: “Additional reports from [reporter and organization]. “

Can Direct Relief material appear on pages that contain ads?

Yes, Direct Relief content may appear in print pages or online with advertising.

Can Direct Relief material be used to create or sell advertising?

No it’s forbidden.

Can Direct Relief materials be used in commercial products such as textbooks or conference presentations?

To inquire, please use the form below [get in touch].

Other requirements:

  • Do not claim or imply that donations to a third party support the work of Direct Relief.
  • Republishers cannot sell Direct Relief content.
  • Direct Relief’s work is prohibited from filling web pages designed to improve search engine rankings or solely to generate income from network-based advertising.
  • Prior permission is required to translate Direct Relief stories into a language other than the original language of publication. To inquire, please use the contact form below [get in touch].
  • If reposted stories are shared on social media, Direct Relief appreciates being tagged in the posts:
    • Twitter (@DirectRelief)
    • Facebook (@DirectRelief)
    • Instagram (@DirectRelief).
  • If Direct Relief requests modification or removal of republished Direct Relief content from a site or on air, the re-publisher must do so immediately.

Repost photos and illustrations

Can Direct Relief photos and illustrations be republished?

Unless otherwise specified, images taken by Direct Relief may be republished for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution. Direct Relief often contracts with freelance photographers who usually, but not always, allow their work to be published by Direct Relief’s media partners.

What are the conditions for reposting photos?

When using live relief images, the following are required:

    • Keep the correct legend information.
    • Credit the photographer and Direct Relief in the caption. For example: “Lara Cooper / Direct Help. “
    • Do not digitally modify the images.

Can Direct Relief images be used in commercials or promotions?

No it’s forbidden.

Repost videos, podcasts, and data visualizations

Can Direct Relief videos be reposted?

Yes. To inquire, please use the form below [get in touch].

Can Direct Relief podcasts be reposted?

Yes. Podcasts are available on the following platforms:

Can Direct Relief data visualizations or charts be republished?

In most cases, yes. Direct Relief can provide embed codes, images or raw data files. To inquire, please use the form below [get in touch].

Obtain direct relief content and resources

Where are Direct Relief stories available?

Stories can be copied to directrelief.org/news.

Are originals or high resolution versions of Direct Relief photos available?

Yes, they are generally available. Please contact Direct Relief using the form below to receive images and a list of captions.

Can the Direct Relief logo be used on reposted stories?

Yes. Download a high resolution .png file here: https://www.directrelief.org/media/#logo

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