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DirectDraw failed to initialize on a Windows PC


When running a program or game on a Windows PC, if you get a Initialization failed error for DirectDraw, here are some working solutions that you can follow. Although DirectDraw is out of date, you may experience this problem if you haven’t changed anything on your PC for a very long time.

DirectDraw is associated with the DirectX API and allows rendering 2D graphics in any program on a Windows computer. However, if there is a problem with DirectDraw, your PC may not open the program or crash frequently, displaying the error mentioned above. That is why you need to follow this article to fix the problem permanently.

DirectDraw failed to initialize on a Windows PC

To correct the failure to initialize DirectDraw on a Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Update DirectX
  2. Update graphics driver
  3. Change compatibility settings

To learn more about these steps, keep reading.

1]Update DirectX

Since DirectDraw is directly related to DirectX, you must have the latest version of DirectX to resolve the problem. Since DirectDraw is out of date, you can resolve this problem by updating the DirectX version on your computer. Before doing this, you need to know the DirectX version installed on your computer.

To do this, you can press Win + R to open the Run prompt, type dxdiag and press the Enter button. It opens the DirectX diagnostic tool on your screen. Here you can find the DirectX version.

DirectDraw failed to initialize on a Windows PC

If you are using DirectX 12, you do not need to follow this guide. However, if you are using an older version, follow this step-by-step tutorial to update DirectX.

2]Update the graphics driver

If you have an older edition of your graphics driver, this error may occur when opening an application or game on your PC. Drivers help you establish a connection between your hardware and software. However, if you have a faulty driver, you may experience this problem. Therefore, you need to update the graphics driver on your computer.

If you don’t have a graphics card installed in your computer, you may need to open Device Manager to get the job done. However, if you have a graphics card, you can also contact the manufacturer for the same.

3]Change the compatibility settings

Sometimes you may need to lower the screen resolution to run an old game or an old application on your new computer. Instead of changing the resolution of your whole computer, you can use the Compatibility to do the same for the app you’re having trouble with. To do this, right click on the application or game and select the Properties option.

Then proceed to Compatibility tab and check the box Works with 640 x 480 screen resolution check box.

DirectDraw failed to initialize on a Windows PC

Click it Okay button to save the change. Then you can try to run the application on your computer.

How do I fix DirectDraw initialization failure on Windows?

To repair the DirectDraw initialization failed error in Windows, you need to update the graphics driver and install the latest version of DirectX. Make sure DirectX 12 is installed on your computer. Otherwise, it is recommended that you get the most recent version whether you are using a graphics card or not.

How to fix DirectDraw initialization failure when opening WinKawaks?

If you are unable to initialize DirectDraw when opening WinKawaks on Windows, you need to open this arcade game in low screen resolution. For this you need to use the compatibility mode / setting that your computer already has. Apart from that, you can try updating the latest version of DirectX and updating the graphics driver on your computer.

Hope this tutorial helped you to fix DirectDraw failed to initialize error on your Windows PC.


DirectDraw failed to initialize on a Windows PC


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