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Draymond Green rips Bill Simmons over Jalen Green comments


1. Draymond Green is a breath of fresh air because he’s the rare player who doesn’t deal in clichés and isn’t shy about saying exactly how he feels. However, his final comments about Bill Simmons are a big swing and miss.

The Warriors star, who recently joined the media as part of TNT Inside the NBA studio show, recently uncovered a story that was important a few weeks ago, with Simmons saying about his Alarm podcast, “f— Jalen Green. I don’t care if you have 40 points and your team has between 19 and 60.”

Anyone who’s heard the clip or understands the context knows that Simmons wasn’t saying “f— Jalen Green” the person. It said “f— Jalen Green” as a candidate for the All-Rookie team.

Was that the most professional comment? No. Is that something Simmons should have said? Probably not. Was it with malicious intent? No. Did people take this quote and make it much more than it was? Damn, yes.

Green took to his Instagram account to address the controversy and claim that Simmons is not qualified to vote on NBA awards.

“How come this guy has a voice in deciding if Jalen Green will qualify for a super max deal?” Green wrote on Instagram. “He clearly says F Him, which sounds very personal by the way. But does he have a say in what someone wins? What work has he done in this lifetime that qualifies him to have a say in NBA player salaries.

Green also shared a post from another account that pointed out that Simmons was 52 and “got beef with a 20-year-old.”

First of all, Simmons has no “beef” with Green. He just doesn’t think Green should make the All-Rookie team. Second, I don’t understand why Simmons’ age is relevant here. Aren’t 52-year-olds allowed to have opinions about the NBA and its players?

Green also looks stupid for questioning Simmons’ credentials. Simmons has covered the NBA since the advent of the internet. He was part of ESPN’s NBA studio shows. He follows the league as closely as anyone in the world. The guy wrote a 700 page book called The basketball bookfor God’s sake!

You may not like Simmons’ views on the NBA, but you can’t say he isn’t qualified to vote on postseason awards.

2. A brand new IS Media Podcast dropped out this morning, and it features a conversation with Ryen Russillo of The ring.

The host of the hugely popular Podcast Ryen Russillo shared his thoughts on everything from the NBA playoffs to Kevin Durant vs. TNT to the power of Inside the NBA to what sport has the worst officials to its favorite NBA announcers how Major League Baseball is having trouble with the state of podcasting to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

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3. I just want to point out one thing about Sage Steele’s lawsuit against ESPN. Part of the lawsuit states,Ms Steele alleged she was forced to issue an apology saying: ‘I know my recent comments have created controversy for the business, and I apologize. We are going through an extremely difficult time that affects us all, and it is more critical than ever that we communicate in a constructive and thoughtful way.'”

Remember this the next time you see a public figure apologizing. It’s just optics and excuses never make sense.

4. It was just another typical post-game show on Inside the NBA Wednesday night.

5. I just feel like everyone needs to see this photo of Tom Brady.

6. Happy NFL Draft Day.

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