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Elden Ring’s Iron Fist Alexander shown in Cuphead Rubber Hose Style


Elden Ring’s Iron Fist Alexander, also known as Alexander, Warrior Jar, unofficially transitions into Cuphead with a similar rubber hose art style.

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We talked a lot about Ring of EldenProlific bosses and enemies have spread from Liurnia of the Lakes to Crumbling Farum Azula. But visited between bosses and enemies are NPCs that aren’t hostile and likely have an elaborate quest for players to embark on, with events often dependent on further progression.

Ring of EldenThe scale of allows such quests to span continental areas. Players can have a much richer experience if these characters are found and appeased in terms of what they have to say and what they ask the player to do. With the benefit of an active community and anecdotal player experiences, for example, players can come back for NPCs they may not have spoken to. A fan celebrated the popularity of Ring of Elden‘s Iron Fist Alexander, also known as Alexander, Warrior Jar, with unique art in Cupheadsignature rubber hose styling.


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Twitter user @mustakro decided to celebrate the character of Iron Fist Alexander with another art style merging between Ring of Elden and Cupheadrubber hose style. Inspired by CupheadHand-drawn cel animation, Alexander is reflected in a much more cartoonish appearance while retaining his definitive characteristics as a huge “Pot Boy” with an arms crossed expression. Mustakro has now illustrated a number of Ring of Elden‘s bosses in this Cuphead style, such as a Crucible Knight, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and an Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Alexander is one of many Living Jars and Warrior Jars hailing from Ring of Eldenit’s Jarburg. Alexander’s quest opens with a humble rescue, where players find him stuck in the ground of Northern Stormhill and must free him by punching him multiple times. Alexander’s cheerful and loyal personality has made him a fan-favorite NPC, not to mention the lovable Living Jars within the FromSoftware community, and Mustakro’s art reinforces how fans continue to cherish the character. of Alexander.

Alexander now accompanies Mustakro Ring of Elden illustration of Blaidd as the player’s ally NPC companion who has his own complex quest to follow. Like Blaidd, Alexander’s quest is one that unfortunately ends in a battle between him, who has thus far only been friend and not antagonist, and the player.

Players may not be as averse to fighting Alexander as they are to attacking Ring of Elden‘s Miriel, Pastor of Vows, also dubbed by fans as the “Turtle Pope”. However, it’s still a devastating act to undertake, even if Alexander drops the Shard of Alexander Talisman and Alexander’s Innards when fought at the end of his questline.

Ring of Elden is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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