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Ethereum Crash Value Could Eventually Gain Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphics Card


Ethereum is in decline alongside other notable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. This may be bad news for crypto enthusiasts and miners alike right now, but it brings some coveted good news to the PC gaming community.

A fall in prices could lead to continued crackdowns on cryptocurrency mining operations as China shuts down large companies in Sichuan, Anhui, Gansu and Henan to avoid power shortages and needs large amounts of energy to grow Bitcoin. There is sex.

Malaysia has taken similar drastic measures, with thousands of mining rigs seized and publicly destroyed after more than $ 2 million worth of electricity was reportedly stolen to power machinery. A video showing the situation is patrolling the web.

So that you can Technically Mining Bitcoin using a graphics card. It’s so unprofitable that there is little chance of fierce competition between miners and gamers for the available GPU stock. However, unlike Bitcoin, unlike miners, falling Ethereum prices can ease hardware shortages. To have We have stored GPUs to exploit it.

Why is Ethereum different?

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Ethereum from year to year (Image credit: CoinDesk)

Ethereum from year to year

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CoinDesk showing the value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin from year to year (Image credit: CoinDesk)

Bitcoin from year to year

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CoinDesk showing the value of Dogecoin

Dogecoin from year to year (Image credit: CoinDesk)

Dogecoin from year to year

Most of the best graphics cards were targeted by bots and miners at the time of release, as Ethereum can be advantageously mined using commercial graphics cards. Bitcoin could be mined using personal computers back then, but it’s different because ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) were the only efficient way to farm cryptocurrency. ..

The manufacturing process for building these machines may have some impact on the manufacturing of office computer hardware, but a significant portion of the competition for existing inventory occurs between Ethereum players and miners. Make.

Most of the crackdown has focused on Bitcoin mining farms thanks to the extraordinary amount of energy needed to power their operations, but as CoinDesk reports, other cryptocurrencies are often profitable. Looking up and down along Bitcoin, this is why we are most likely looking at the downtrend.

Other reasons for the drop may be financial market concerns over the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Nvidia’s efforts to reduce material mining capacities. Hash rate limiters have been implemented on almost every card in the RTX 30 series family since their introduction on the GeForce RTX 3060.

Due to its affordability, there were concerns that the RRP could be a mining rig for around $ 329 (around £ 240, A $ 430). Really expensive GPUs like the GeForce RTX 3090 are less likely to be bought due to the expensive purchase and have no hash rate limit.

More inventory for PC gamers

Chinese crypto miners wholesaling graphics cards

Chinese crypto miners wholesaling graphics cards (Image credit: HKEPC material)

Mining farms using GPUs are starting to sell second-hand equipment to regain profits, but most of them are currently in the region of China that is shutting down mining operations it finds. ..

This has sold a lot of graphics cards, at least at prices close to retail, but it’s still an expensive buy given the condition of the products available (compared to cars over 200,000 miles). please). You think the price of coveted hardware like the RTX 3080 hit about three times the desired retail price a few months ago, at least some improvement.

Also, the miners who sell this stock are not selling well to each other and should help bring the prices down. If you live in an area where this used equipment is listed online and you are willing to take the risk of purchasing such a frequently used product, the GeForce RTX 3060 card costs £ 1,760. You can see it’s advertised at / 195 pounds). / AU $ 360).

Ethereum is not as profitable as it used to be, so PC builders and gamers are no longer forced to compete with miners, and inventory is expected to rise on shelves outside of Asia. It could also indicate that the surge in prices we are seeing are starting to drop and that there is less competition for available inventory.

It should be remembered that cryptocurrencies are expected to be volatile and spectacular, but the ongoing efforts to crush mining farms are at least certain before the market takes off again. Can buy us to take the long-awaited upgrade from.

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