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“Everyone is getting a little insecure”


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Amber Rose on body positivity, feminism and teaching her boys not to be ashamed

“Amber Rose is on a mission to empower women to embrace their bodily autonomy and sexual freedom after facing years of public scrutiny for making her own videos and entered into a relationship with the rapper Kanye West.Despite the name she made for herself as a strong advocate for women and promoting feminism through liberation, Rose found herself continually connected to the intimate relationships she had with public figures such as Wiz Khalifa, Machine Gun Kelly and 21 Savage.” “I don’t feel bad about anything. So if that makes me a hoe, that’s fine with me,” she told Yahoo Life in response to the criticism she’s faced about the decisions she’s made. takes with his body. “It’s like, ‘Amber promotes promiscuity to little girls.’ All these crazy stories. It’s almost insane. That’s not what I’m promoting. I’m promoting grown women who own their bodies, dance, laugh, date, dress shamelessly. If people aren’t smart enough to do their research on me, that’s not my problem.” Pushing back the norms imposed on women is something Rose has felt called to do since she was a young girl. She remembers her sexuality being used against her as bullies shamed her at school. While it didn’t impact how she thought about her body, Rose says it fueled her life’s mission.”