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EXCLUSIVE: DRIPPIN makes mean confessions, recommends Korean snacks and chooses favorite hair color


The ever-increasing stakes in the world of K-pop. The endless battle to emerge victorious. DRIPPIN, a group of seven boys from Woollim Entertainment, joined the race in the wake of their participation in a reality show, “Produce X 101”, with six of its members and dreamed of becoming the next stars. And they did! Launched in October 2020, DRIPPIN has charted a sparkling path ahead, taking bigger steps with each release.

Now, with a growing discography in place, DRIPPIN are back with their third mini-album, one that will have you admiring their versatile talents even more. Spellbinding and bouncing to the T, the first single, “Villain”, takes you on a journey filled with thrills and wonder, so much so that the music video for the song has already surpassed 11 million views within 2 weeks. his exit.

“I have the power, you’re so dazzling it blinds me, I’m the bad guy”. A confession of love or a confession of crime? Don’t ask yourself the question because the boys of DRIPPIN will tell you so themselves. Joining us with all their hearts and beautiful glory, Hwang Yunseong, Lee Hyeop, Joo Changuk, Kim Dongyun, Kim Minseo, Cha Junho and Alex spill tea and we are ready for it. Digging into the dynamics of their relationships and in a hunt to find the real “bad guy,” some tough confessions were made. However, they left us with another mystery. Find out below!

Congratulations on the release of your third mini-album “Villain”. Please let us know what you think and what is your favorite song on it.

Changuk: We came back with a very different style from before. So when we were recording our music or practicing the choreography, we had to convey a different feeling than before. Creating the feeling and the atmosphere was a challenge.
Junho: Also, we worked hard on our previous releases, but this album was a new challenge that we put a lot of effort into. Now that the preparation is almost complete, I feel touched and proud. My favorite song is the title song ‘Villain’, I have a lot of feelings for her.
Mineo: For me my favorite is ‘Switch’, we have a fun choreography that matches the song very well. If you want to hype, tick “Switch” and you will have overwhelming energy.

What would you like fans to pay most attention to in the music video for “Villain”? Why?

Changuk: In the MV, there are scenes where we use our individual powers, so please check how we use them and if we use them well.
Hyeop: Also you can say that we now have a universe. So please check what story the MV shows. It would be nice to think and imagine how the villains of DRIPPIN would proceed.

Was there a funny story you shot the MV in?

Mineo: Yeah, there’s a scene where Yunseong is fighting, so he was soloing and the rest of us were on hold. We all went to the bathroom and there was a piano. So, as someone was playing the piano, they said, “Minseo, stop playing!”
Changuk: No no, that’s not how it happened. Minseo was in the bathroom and I was playing the piano, but people thought it was naturally Minseo. So they shouted, “Minseo stop playing the piano! but it was actually me playing and people were blaming Minseo.
Mineo: I felt so wronged!
Hyeop: Well, this MV uses infographics a bit. So there are scenes where we all use all the powers, including me, which was funny. The feeling of seeing people wave to the air to film was quite funny.

Which member do you think best fits this concept?

Dongyun: I think it’s Yunseong, even if you look at him now, his makeup is unique and has a villainous feel. It doesn’t just use black, but if you look at it, it uses blue and other colors. I have the impression that it is quite adapted to the atmosphere of our album “Villain”.
Mineo: Even the choreography for ‘Villain suits him well and it looked really cool when he was doing it.
Changuk: I thought Junho was quite appropriate when we were shooting the MV. There’s a scene where he uses fire and he looked like a bad guy straight out of fire. Looking at him from the side, I thought, “He really looks like a villain.”
Yunseong: It also suits your expressions, strong expressions – Junho corresponds to fire.
Junho: When I was shooting, I was really acting like I could use fire and burning everything.

Which concept fits DRIPPIN best and what would you like to pick up next?

Hyeop: I think it’s the concept of “bad guy”. Of course, our previous concepts are good and pretty too, but I think we are finding our colors. So I think our newest “Villain” suited us well. In the future, I would like to explore the universe and with ‘Villain’ by doing different concepts, music and performances, that’s the goal.
Mineo: For me so far, among the concepts we’ve created, “Free Pass” – this refreshing style that captures our vibe. In the future, I would like to do more “Vertigo” type concept.
Alexander: Personally, I like ‘Villain’ and ‘Vertigo’ type songs, so I’m very happy to try this current concept.

Which other artist inspires you and your music, and why?

Hyeop: I’m actually easily inspired, so I have a lot. These days I’m more inspired by the band ‘The Black Skirts’. They have their own way of writing music and lyrics, their thoughts and their way of making music and their perspectives seem to be similar to mine.

What hair color would the members like to try next?

Changuk: I like black hair and actually I like black and brown color and when people ask me what hair color I want to try I always say black.
Hyeop: I like blue hair or pink hair like Minseo had before.
Dongyun: I would like to try the black color that Changuk has now. I always do bright hair colors, so now I want to try a dark hair color.

What Korean late night snack or food would you recommend to your Indian fans? Why?

Dongyun: I have never tried the Indian curry, but try the 3 minute Korean instant curry. It’s different from Indian curry, so I think it’s worth checking out Korean curry, it only takes 3 minutes to cook.
Mineo: I really like midnight snacks, among which I like ‘jja-gye-chee’ (짜계치). It’s an acronym since the dish is made of jjapaghetti ramen, egg [gye-ran in Korean] and cheese, the association is very good.
Alexander: There is very good chicken in Korea, the chicken that Yunseong got me called “Bburinkle chicken”. Please try it

What future for DRIPPIN? Do you have plans to visit India?

Changuk: That’s really our goal for this year, but we hope things get better this year and we hope to go overseas. Among these countries, we would like to go to India and Indonesia and many others.

Please share a message for your fans in India and around the world.

Yunseong: Hello Indian Dreamins, we just made a comeback with ‘Villain’. We’d love to show you the performance in person, but until then we’ll show you a cool, dark performance. So we hope you can look forward to it. Also, we love you.
Mineo: We love you!

The members of DRIPPIN made some very dark confessions, watch the full interview below!

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