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F1 2021 Corrupted backup files, audio errors and fixes



In this F1 2021 errors and fixes guide, we will explain all the bugs present in the new F1 2021 and help you resolve any issues and errors to get the most out of your gaming experience, such as corrupted save files for F1. 2021 MyTeam, Dumper Crash and more.

F1 2021 Corrupted backup files, audio errors and fixes

The most anticipated F1 2021 is finally out! However, the adrenaline rush through his spellbinding driving experience is not the only thing he offers.

It also gives you a plethora of issues and bugs, which can make you lose the fun of its nearly flawless driving simulation experience.

Since nothing is ever perfect, credit goes to the developers who instantly came up with bug fixes for the game during its early days of launch.

That being said, there is no bug or glitch in the game that cannot be fixed. Here are all the bugs you should know about and their possible fixes.

I do not hear anything !

There’s no point in playing a Formula One game where you don’t hear the roar of a turbocharged V6 engine as it turns around the corner.

However, your worst nightmares have become a reality, and there appears to be an issue with in-game audio, where players have complained that they cannot hear any sound during their game.

Fortunately, there are few easy solutions for this, and it is likely that the problem exists in your computer and not in the game.

Start by setting a default audio device for your computer. This can be done quite easily by using the audio icon on your taskbar.

If the sound problem persists, you will need to update your computer’s audio drivers. If you are using an Intel machine, invest some time in downloading Intel Driver Support Assistant. It will notify you when a new driver update is available.

However, if you are looking for something a little more universal then go ahead and use Driver Booster to keep all of your drivers up to date.

Finally, if none of the above fixes work, it is likely that your game file is corrupted. You can verify the integrity of your game file through Steam.

Head to the game’s properties through the Steam library and open the local files tab. There you will see a verify button.

If you are certain that the game files have been corrupted, there is no choice but to reinstall the game.

Hope these fixes help you enjoy the game with all the sound you need!

Saved files are corrupted

There is no worse feeling in the world than coming back to a game only to find that your saved files have been corrupted and you have to start over.

This issue occurs when changing your car’s livery from Team HQ. Therefore, avoid doing this at this time to prevent your saved files from getting corrupted.

If the backup file is still corrupted, keep pressing the Cancel button in the restore failed screen, and it should recover your corrupted backup file.

However, these are all fixes for an older game patch. The developers have claimed that the issue is fixed in patch 1.04.

EGO dumper crash

AAA game cannot be complete without a crash. No matter how good your rig or how well the game is optimized, there’s a good chance the game will still crash.

When the game crashes and you get the ego dumper error, do not close the error message. Instead, let it stay on screen and try playing the game in windowed mode.

However, if you don’t want to play the game in windowed mode, you will need to delete the game files from the My Games folder in Documents. This will remove all your progress in the game but will help you play the game without any crashes.

The antivirus installed on your computer can also affect the performance of your game. You don’t necessarily have to turn off the antivirus, but you can simply authorize the game through the antivirus.

Before you start racing on some of the best Formula One tracks in the world, perform a clean install of your graphics card driver. This can be done through the NVIDIA and AMD websites, depending on the graphics card you are using.

While you’re at it, launch the game using a dedicated graphics card. This is for computers that have more than one graphics card. You don’t want the game to run on Intel’s integrated graphics card!

If the game still does not work the way you want, then you will need to check the game files. This is done through the Steam client installed on your PC.

Once the game files are verified, go ahead and install the Visual C ++ files through Microsoft’s website to make sure your game is working properly and not crashing. The x86 and x64 files must be installed before restarting your computer.

Additionally, you want to run the game as an administrator. You can do this through the properties of the game executable file. To locate the game files, use the Steam client.


Getting bad FPS or experiencing extreme FPS drops in high graphics games like F1 2021 is quite common.

To overcome this problem, you will need to play the game at a lower setting than recommended. However, it highly depends on the specifications of your computer.

Go for the hit and try method and adjust the parameters to get the best and most stable images.

While reducing the settings, play with Texture Streaming more often, as this is the setting that hinders frame rate the most.



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