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First look at Pittsburgh Steelers Acrisure Stadium


PITTSBURGH — Well, the design is out. The beloved Heinz Field of the Pittsburgh Steelers gets a facelift with the birth of Acrisure Stadium. And for the first time, we get a preview of what fans will see ahead of the game.

Acrisure and the Steeler have agreed to a 15-year deal for the naming rights to their North Shore stadium. According to multiple reports, the team will receive $10 million per season, making them the 11th highest paid team for trademark rights.

Inside Acrisure Stadium.

First look at the Steelers' new Acrisure stadium.

First look at the Steelers’ new Acrisure stadium.

Changes will begin to be made to the stadium for the 2022 season. Follow All Steelers for more news on the transformation.

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