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I have written several times about the importance, meaning and benefits of giving out thousands of licenses for mobile grocery and food carts, especially on desert roads and in residential neighborhoods despite all the scenes of desolation, health and safety risks and the spread of filth, but it seems that no party in the country wants to do anything because such an issue is related to the interest of thousands of citizens although 90% of them just get the business license, contribute to the cost of buying a truck, then wait for the monthly amount they will receive and the human trafficking process continues.

There is no doubt that destructive and corrupt parliamentary pressure instigated and possibly forced the relevant authorities to issue around 5,300 licenses for mobile carts to sell food, ice cream and drink.

Despite the civilized role required of some of them, their need does not justify all this expansion and chaos, which has prompted the security authorities to wage a campaign against them in some governorates, with the aim of combating the negative phenomena , to impose security, enforce the law and seize offenders.

The mobile food cart business accounts for 1,688 licenses, followed by the cold and hot beverage business with 1,080 licenses, and the snacking business ranks third with 892 licenses, and the mobile ice cream car business accounts for 8 .9% with 468 licenses.

Activities such as computer graphics and animation production, installation and extension of television networks, and fishmongers received only one license each.
It was mentioned in the Al-Jarida newspaper that the idea of ​​the mobile carts came to create job opportunities for young men and women, but it seems that the matter is not within the competence of the competent authorities and that the mismanagement has affected the future of young people. before their present, and that the law of the Ministry of Commerce, relating to the allocation of designated places for the owners of mobile carts, is of no use, taking into account the incompatibility between the latter and the Municipality and Interior.

What is needed is a law that limits the chaos and contributes significantly to the organization of the sites, and this cannot be done without a consensus between all the parties concerned.

Note: The power of a grocery store owner built on a tractor-trailer is equal to the same power as the head of the largest investment or commercial institution to support a candidate to become a member of the House Board of Directors of business.

Will the law of the House be changed so that the vote is limited to those who carry out the activity on their own and know that it is never a difficult task.

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By Ahmad Alsarraf