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“GTA 6 is going to have more realistic graphics and I will definitely enjoy the open world game”: Rishab “RakaZone” Karanwal


YouTube is a great platform for content creators and game streamers. From GTA 5 to Valorant, Rishab “RakaZone” Karanwal is a video game content creator familiar with a diverse range of games.

The streamer has nearly 500,000 subscribers and a combined 30 million views on his YouTube channel, RakaZone Gaming. In conversation with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports, RakaZone shares her journey in the gaming world and talks about her love for FPS and open world games.

Q. Gamers generally find a keen interest in video games from a young age. How old were you when you first started playing video games? Which were your favorite?

I don’t remember exactly, but I was in first or second standard when a friend of mine got a game console. I used to join him to play games like Contra, Duck Hunt, Tetris, etc.

Q. The life of a part-time / full-time streamer is not always easy. Have you been criticized in your early days as a streamer? Did your parents always support your choice?

Initially, yes, it was very difficult to manage a full-time job with ten hours of office plus travel, then four to five hours of streaming. My parents were a little worried because they had no idea what I was doing. Ultimately, when a channel grows, you have to be consistent in uploading content, so he / she has to sacrifice birthdays, holidays and more functions.

I don’t know how to thank each of you for supporting me on this journey. This award is dedicated to all of you ❤️ “Streamer Of The Year 2018” # Raka Army https://t.co/Hx79GXbCXH

Due to time constraints my social circle was affected and a few even doubted my streaming career as it was unpopular. As some friends doubted my career path, my parents showed more support and were always there with me no matter what. There was a slight hesitation on their part when I quit my job, but everyone is happy now. So yes, there has been a lot of mental stress throughout my journey.

Q. Your YouTube channel “RakaZone Gaming” has over 452,000 subscribers. How did the idea of ​​starting a YouTube channel come true?

While studying digital marketing I learned how to earn secondary income through YouTube in 2016. Also as a student I thought about giving it a try so I started with streaming on YouTube and j then joined Twitch after two months.

Q. Your YouTube channel has over 30 million views. How do you plan to develop your channel? What kind of videos can your fans expect from you in the future?

I don’t usually think about analytics for my channel. I still do it as my passion and I love it. Being a diverse streamer, my audience tends to enjoy my podcasts and game streams.

Q. You have a dedicated playlist for PUBG and you can also stream Valorant from time to time. What do you think is the best part of battle royale games? What other Battle Royale and FPS games do you like besides PUBG and Valorant?

PUBG PC was the game that gave me the initial boost as it was a new kind of genre that was way too addicting for a gamer. It’s immersive for the viewer and he becomes curious to see what happens next. PUBG aside, I really like Warzone and Apex Legends because it’s faster and more interesting.

Q. The GTA RP scene in India is still in its infancy and you are one of the few Indian streamers to try. What do you like most about GTA RP? Which GTA RP server do you prefer?

GTA Roleplay is too much fun because you can go ahead and create a story with a character in the game. They also have the option to play with an “n” number of friends. Players are in GTA RP because the character’s story feels like it’s broken down into episodes, similar to the concept of a web series.

I have no particular affection for a waiter. I appreciate the servers where my friends play.

Q. All GTA fans are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6. What are your hopes for the next GTA title? How can this be different from previous games in the series?

To be honest, I’m usually not that excited about a new game. All I know is that GTA 6 is going to be a game with more realistic graphics. I will surely enjoy the open world game once it comes out.

Q. Since there are so many budding game streamers, how do you aspire to make your content unique? How long does it take to complete the content creation process?

When I first started broadcasting there were barely three to five Indian streamers, but now there are thousands. In my five years of streaming, I’ve learned one thing, and that is, if you like to play live streaming, people will enjoy it, no matter what the game.

Speaking of content creation, all of my videos are highlights of the stream and I have my editors and miniature artists who can help me with the process. Along with this, Alpha Zegus has helped me manage all of my brand associations, which has given me access to all the resources I need.

Q. What words of wisdom would you like to pass on to aspiring YouTubers?

I would just say that if you are planning to start a YouTube channel for the money and the fame, you will end up quitting after two to three months. Obtaining a loyal following is far too difficult, you can only achieve it if you are yourself in front of the camera. Obviously there will be enemies, but positive viewers are going to help you get over all of those negative comments. So have fun and be creative.

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