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Here’s how to enjoy AAA quality games on your Android smartphone


Now you can enjoy full console-level AAA quality video games like Far Cry 6 from your Android phone or tablet. This has been achieved through high-end cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce Now. Fortunately, you don’t need high-end gaming gear to play AAA games like Far Cry 6. You can actually play it from your phone.

Far Cry 6 is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s famous series. Without a doubt, the Far Cry series has made a name for itself producing unforgettable villains and Far Cry 6 is set to continue this trend. The main villain of the game is Anton Castillo, ruler of Yara, a tropical island.

GeForce NOW, unlike other services, is formed on your dominant PC games library from services like Epic Games Store, Origin, Stream. For example, in the case of a compatible game like Far Cry 6, you can purchase it directly from Ubisoft Connect, or you can enjoy it through the Ubisoft + subscription. Either of these options will allow you to access Far Cry 6 through GeForce NOW.

With the prevailing chip deficit, buying a console or gaming PC is unlikely to be an expensive and difficult affair for the money. Fortunately, all you need to experience the latest AAA games is your Android smartphone and a good internet connection. Owning a USB or Bluetooth controller is also a great idea.

To start playing AAA games on your Android phone, you must first install the GeForce NOW app from Google Play Store and sign in to the NVIDIA account.

You will now be able to link your NVIDIA account to different marketplaces. This will let the app know about your entire game library. You can now simply choose a game to start playing. By using the free GeForce NOW subscription, you can enjoy the performance experience of cloud gaming at home, at your favorite gaming location.

For the best gaming experience, when streaming you should have at least 25 Mbps of speed.

You can also enjoy a free AAA game like Destiny 2 through GeForce NOW to examine your connection before you fork out a dime for streaming or buying games. Once you’ve found cloud gaming to work flawlessly over your connection, you can upgrade to a priority GeForce NOW subscription for quick server access, improved graphics, and smoother gameplay intervals.

GeForce NOW is accessible on Android, iOS, Windows tablets and can also be read directly from the Chrome browser.

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