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Hero4Hire appoints Jordan Beck as head of development – Under the Line


Jordan Beck (Photo: Hero4Hire)

Emmy nominated studio Hero4Hire Creative tapped Jordan beck as responsible for development. The film and animation specialist will oversee the launch of the Massachusetts boutique’s original IP and creative projects. Award-winning filmmaker, performer and creative executive with 15 years in the entertainment industry, Beck applies his production and start-up business development experience to this role, serving his mission of supporting visionary creators and telling compelling stories for the children.

Beck produced, co-directed and co-starred alongside Logan Lerman and Helena Bonham Carter in the 2018 animated feature Sgt. Stocky, while also being a starting framework for the film distributor, Academy of Pleasure. The film has been released in theaters across North America, won over 40 international festival awards and accolades, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, and was acquired by Paramount Pictures for home media and HBO Max for the first broadcast SVOD.

Hero4Hire Partner Notes / EP Allison Dressler Kramer, “We knew Jordan would be the perfect fit to grow our business and focus more energy on the original intellectual property. Evan and I are excited to be sharing several new properties very soon. ”

Adds Beck, “After a year where we were all on the fringes of the pandemic, everyone has had time to assess what matters most in our personal and professional lives; for me, it’s working with passionate and creative people to deliver quality entertainment that families can share. Hero4Hire has already spent a decade creating world-class animation for its clients and I can’t wait to get our original creations off the ground.

Beck is originally from Oakland, California, but grew up largely in rural southern Georgia, gaining first-hand experience of America’s unique cultural diversity through extensive travel as a child. Beck began an accelerated college program at Andrew College in Cuthbert, Ga., At the age of 12 and eventually graduated with honors from the University of Georgia at age 19 as one of the the institution’s first former film studies students. After school, Beck used his multitude of creative talents to become a graphic designer and session / tour musician for independent bands, concert halls, theatrical performances and independent recording studios. In 2009, it caught the attention of the National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center near Fort. Benning, GA, serving as the inaugural entertainment and creative director of the $ 110 million facility by planning live events, giant screen movie programming and alternative content for the attraction’s IMAX theater awarded THEA. Beyond his work in the entertainment industry, Beck is a decorated military intelligence officer with the Georgia National Guard.

In 2015, Beck was recruited to a managerial position with the French-Irish children’s entertainment start-up Fun Academy and the production of their first film, the animated feature CG Sgt. Stocky, which tells the true story of the famous stray dog ​​who saved lives in the trenches of WWI. Beck wore several creative hats during production on the film – including directing all 2D footage and animation as well as playing a lead vocal role – en route to Sgt. Stockybig theatrical release in 2018. Sgt. Stocky has won numerous accolades including the Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award, Academy Awards and BAFTA Consideration, and has been published in over 20 international territories. Following the film’s release and prior to signing with Hero4Hire Creative, Beck became COO of Fun Academy, overseeing all aspects of its award-winning film, television and digital content development.

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