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How did T. Denny Sanford get his name out of a hospital?


Sioux Valley Hospital was a pinnacle in the Sioux Empire healthcare system. That was until February 2007, when things for the small rural hospital system changed dramatically according to Zippia.

It seemed out of the blue that a hospital that had existed since 1894 (also known previously as Sioux Falls Hospital before Sioux Valley Health) had completely renamed itself.

You may have heard over the years that the reason the hospital chained its name to Sanford was because of the many generous donations the hospital received from MT Denny Sanford.

That’s a true statement, but do you know how this partnership between South Dakota’s wealthiest businessman and healthcare system came about?

According to Forbes, Denny Sanford had a bad experience when he tried to pledge $ 125 million for a new football stadium for the University of Minnesota.

After a stadium change that nearly doubled the cost, Sanford was denied naming rights unless he donated more money to the project; indignant, Mr Sanford withdrew his entire offer.

So, as a result of this experience, Sanford vowed to avoid “big bureaucratic institutions of charity” – Forbes.

It is now that the partnership between the hospital system we all know today as Sanford began to take shape.

Kelby Krabbenhoft, head of the Sioux Valley health system at the time, had heard of the deteriorating situation at the U stadium from Mr. Krabbenhoft then,

“persuaded Sanford to donate $ 16 million to a children’s hospital that Sioux Valley was building – the first new children’s hospital in the United States in a decade. Sanford got its name on the hospital. The new one. building will have 60 beds and look like a Disney Sanford then funneled $ 15 million through Sioux Valley Health to the nearby Mayo Clinic to partner around pediatric research. Krabbenhoft also helped Sanford place $ 20 million dollars with the University of South Dakota School of Medicine, which also took the name Sanford.

After these generous monetary donations, in February 2007, Sanford pledged $ 400 million to Sioux Valley Health at the time, which soon after became Sanford Health.

Since 2007, we can see that Sanford has donated on several occasions to increase Sanford’s presence throughout the community with the Sanford Pentagon, the Denny Sanford Premier Center, The Sanford House and many other charitable projects.

Through these donations that T. Denny Sanford has made over the years, he has not only enabled Sanford Health to continue its medical research, but has enabled the Sanford health care system to be nationally recognized. .

Sources: Forbes and Zippia

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