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How to find a lost iPhone



Oh oh, your dear iPhone is gone. Has he been lost? Was it stolen?

You can find it using Apple’s Find My app on the iCloud website, any of your other Apple devices, or those registered by a family member. Or remotely erase all the data it contains from the Find My app. With iO5 15, you can also track your phone for up to 24 hours after the battery is drained or the device is turned off.

Of course, the trick is to activate the necessary settings before your phone disappears so that you can locate it more easily if lost. Here’s how to set everything up.

Update your phone

First of all, to find a turned off or turned off iPhone, it needs to be running iOS 15 or later. Go to Settings> General> Software update. You will be told that iOS is up to date or you will be prompted to download and install the latest update.

Activate Find my app

Find my settings

Then make sure the Find My feature is turned on. Go to Settings> [Your name] > Find my> Find my iPhone and make sure that Find my iphone, Find my network, and Send last position are all on. Respectively, these options will enable Find My iPhone, allow it to work even if your phone is offline or turned off, and send your phone’s last known location when the battery is low.

Enable family sharing

Family Sharing

Another option you’ll want to check and enable is location sharing. You can share your location with family and friends in the Messages app and the Find My feature. To activate it, go to Settings> Find my and light up Share my location.

You can also turn on Family Sharing, which allows participating family members to use their Apple device to see the location of your devices. To check the sharing status of a family member, tap their name, then tap Share my location to share it with that person. To stop sharing your location with someone, select them and press Stop sharing my location.

Locate a lost device from your iPad

find my iphone

Now let’s say your phone is lost. If you have another Apple device, launch the Find My app. If you’re using an iPad registered with your Apple ID, for example, you can tap Devices to see a list and map showing the locations of your Apple devices. If your iPhone appears on the map, tap the icon or select its entry from the list.

Locate a lost device from your Mac

find my mac

You can do the same from a Mac running macOS Catalina or later. Open Go> Applications> Find my to open the application. Click it Devices tab in the app and choose the missing device when it appears on the map or in the list and select the info button.

Locate a lost device with Family Sharing

find my family share

If you’ve turned on Family Sharing, you can use a family member’s iPhone or iPad. Open the Find My app on their device and drag the Found Devices pane down. The app should display all devices registered under your name; select your missing device.

Locate a lost device on the iCloud website

find my icloud

For those who don’t have access to any other device, you can visit your iCloud website to find your phone. Open iCloud.com in a web browser and sign in with your Apple ID and password. Click on Find an iPhone, then open the All devices drop-down menu and select your iPhone.

Play sounds and get directions

play sound

Once your device has been selected on the map, you can then choose from a few different options. Faucet Play sound, and your iPhone plays a sonar sound to help you find it. A notice also appears on the screen for a Find My iPhone alert. Faucet instructions to get directions by car or on foot to the location of the device.

Play sounds from your Apple Watch

find my apple watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to help find your phone. Swipe up from the watch face to display the Control Center. Tap the icon that looks like a ringing phone. Your iPhone will ping it to help you locate it. The noise only goes off once, so you’ll have to keep pressing the icon to keep the ping active.

Mark device as lost

mark as lost

If you can’t find your phone, scroll down the context menu for the missing device. In the Mark as lost section, tap Activate. This mode allows you to lock your phone so that no one else can access it and displays your contact information in case someone finds it.

Erase iPhone Data

Erase iphone

If you can’t locate your phone and you’re worried the wrong person is accessing it, tap Erase this device to delete your personal information. The downside here is that a deleted phone can no longer be tracked on the map, so only use this option if you’ve given up all hope of finding your phone.

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