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How to reset graphics driver


Assuming you have been working on your Windows PC for a while, I am sure you have probably faced the circumstance where your presentation is not true to form. Situations can be different, which incorporates dark screen, frozen screen, console and mouse inputs that are beyond any stretch of the imagination. This draws attention to one thing: the presentation or artwork driver has a problem. While Windows 10 can recover the driver from design on its own, you can constantly physically restart the graphics driver in Windows 10.

Source: TechWise

Instructions for restarting your artwork driver in Windows 10. How about starting with a practical solution. Press windows, control, shift and b to restart your artwork drivers. the screen will flicker and dim briefly for two. It’s just restarting the driver. this should restart the artwork driver. otherwise, we have two different choices. In case you still have problems, the best choice would be to uninstall your design drivers and reinstall new ones. one way is to uninstall them using the gadget manager. find your designs driver and right click to choose uninstall. after that restart your framework. Windows should naturally introduce drivers using the Windows update system. You can also use the control card to uninstall the drivers. Open the control panel, then go to projects, projects and items, then eliminate projects and drivers related to artwork drivers. Then, at this point, go to the site of the design programming organization for your framework, for example, Nvidia, and download the latest programming and drivers for your setup.

Next, I’ll walk you through how to restart your design board drivers without having to restart your PC. This can be incredibly useful assuming you have a presentation issue and need to restart your drivers while busy doing something important on your PC, so following the simple tasks in the exercise above, you can keep your Windows 10 PC on.

This is incredibly simple to do and must be done in Windows 10, it will restart all sub-par AMD and Intel designs, or card drivers, to do this you simply need to hold down the Windows key and then hold down the hold control then shift and press b your screen will dim briefly and then it will restore your storefront as you can see on the web and that’s really that it’s a brilliant method to fix freezes or errors or glitches problems you are currently having with your presentation and would normally require a restart.