Interest-Free Housing Loan Regulation

Firstly, among those who lost their lives within the scope of the Law No. 2330 on Cash Compensation and Monthly Attachment dated 1980 or the laws requiring the monthly bonding with the provisions of Law No. 2330;

To a widow, if his wife is not alive or married, at least one of the children receiving credit orphan’s pension is provided, regardless of the conditions of the monthly attachment to the requesting children, in the absence of these persons in the first place of the mother or father in order to make a home owner Provided that the loan is limited to the administration.

Determination of the beneficiary to benefit from the loan


For war or duty disabled persons; 5434 Republic of Turkey Retirement Fund Law was abolished by 56 ncımadde 45 th and Article 64 of the, 5510 Social Security and General Health Insurance Law Article 47 and by 2330 numbered Cash and Allowances About Law or 2330 Law No. applying the provisions of the law that requires the pensions Firstly, those who are attached to them monthly because of being invalids for war or duty; in the event of death of the disabled person without taking advantage of interest-free loan.

His widow, his wife is not alive or married, at least one of the children who will use the loan provided that the orphan’s pension regardless of the conditions of the monthly attachment to the request of the children, these persons, if the mother or mother In order to make his father the owner of the house, a loan is granted by the Contracting Entity within the scope of this Regulation, provided that it is limited to a house.

In case of invalidity of war or duty


In the scope of the cases mentioned in the first paragraph of article 2 of the Collective Housing Law No. 2985, public servants who continue to work by changing their class or duty are paid monthly due to the disability of the persons who are bound to the law in accordance with the related legislation.

And those whose pensions have been deducted, benefit from the right to interest-free housing loan in accordance with the order of priority stated in the first paragraph of the second article of the Collective Housing Law No. 2985.

The houses that can be extended are as follows:


a) Houses which have not passed more than one year from the date of receipt of the title deed, irrespective of the date of receipt of the Occupancy Permit.

b) Houses under construction.

c) Houses to be purchased in part or all of the shares of other shareholders, including those acquired through inheritance.

ç) Houses to be purchased by being a member of housing cooperatives, social welfare institutions or municipal organizations.

d) The right holder to build his own residence on his own land.

e) The purchase of the Administration from the houses that it sells under construction or ready for use.

Amount of the loan

The ceiling amount of the loan is the amount determined by the High Planning Council and notified to the bank by the administration. If requested by the right holder, credit may be opened below this amount. Interest is not applied to this loan. However, for the opening of the loan, a one-off fee is charged from the related party for a one-time fee.

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