Home Illustration Jimmy Garoppolo suffers a sprained shoulder in 49ers win over Cowboys

Jimmy Garoppolo suffers a sprained shoulder in 49ers win over Cowboys


New injury for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Kyle Shanahan revealed during his conference call with reporters Monday that Garoppolo suffered a “mild shoulder sprain” in his throwing arm in the 49ers’ win over the Cowboys.

So now Garoppolo is dealing with a torn ligament in his thumb and a sprained shoulder on the same arm, which happens to be his throwing arm. Garoppolo reportedly suffered the injury in the second quarter of the Wild Card game.

It’s yet another game that Garoppolo had to endure and adds a bit of an explanation for his poor second-half performance.

Garoppolo, at least for now, shouldn’t miss Saturday’s division game with the Packers. Shanahan doesn’t think he’ll miss practice Wednesday, although Shanahan said practice this week will be light.

“He should be fine for practice,” Shanahan said. “He did it in the second quarter. I know he had to play through the pain, but he got through it eventually. Just a slight shoulder sprain and he should be good for training. Wednesday.”

Rest and recovery for the 49ers is going to be crucial this week, especially with a road game on a shortened week.

The 49ers will likely split a few reps between Garoppolo and Trey Lance like they did in Week 18 against the Rams. In fact, it would fall to them to do so in case Garoppolo takes a knock in play and it aggravates his shoulder.

Garoppolo has managed to overcome these injuries, but there will certainly be concerns about how he handles this at Lambeau Field. Temperatures are going to be low there and it doesn’t help a sick player. It’s something the Packers will try to expose and test.

I would expect the Packers to overload the box and force the 49ers to put the ball in Garoppolo’s hands. And if the defense does end up cracking early against the fiery Packers offense, any confidence to come back with Garoppolo injured like that probably isn’t too strong.

Either way, another throwing arm injury for Garoppolo doesn’t help.