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Justin Wiggins’ Amazing Multiverse Celebrities Show What Could Have Been


Instagram profile of Justin Wiggins (@multiverse_celebrities) is dedicated to art items that “imagine celebrities in an alternate universe featuring iconic roles”. There are over 60 unique and interesting items imagining actors like Tim Curry as Frodo Baggins to Matt Damon as Dr Strange and Idris Elba as Blade, but here are a few of our favorite picks:

Bill Murray as Joker

Bill Murray has always been known for his roles in comedy films, and even more so for his tongue-in-cheek humor in Saturday Night Live. While almost all of his roles are arguably iconic, his most famous roles include his appearance in the cult classic franchise ghost hunters. The comedy movie zombieland saw Bill Murray acting like himself during a zombie apocalypse, only to be killed while pranking the main characters, ending with “That’s my bad…I’ve never been a very good prankster “, which is hilarious and ironic considering he would actually make an incredible Joker in the DC comics world.

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Tom Cruise as Superman

Tom CruiseSupermanJustin Wiggins

Tom Cruise is no stranger to roles that put him at the center of a heroic tale, but never quite as a superhero. Some of the feats he manages throughout the 6 movie franchise which is Impossible mission may make you think otherwise though. Justin Wiggins has reimagined Cruise as Superman, and his good looks and dark hair help him fight perfectly in the role, although one of his commentators hilariously commented, “He needs some boots. lifting.”

Vin Diesel as James Bond

Vin Diesel as James Bond

Vin Diesel is a master of James Bond, as evidenced by his epic roles as Riddick in the films of the same name, as well as his epic role as Dom Toretto in the Quick franchise. In a film franchise famous for its action, beautiful ladies and cars, it only makes sense that he would make a great James Bond, a franchise famous for its action, beautiful ladies and cars.

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Angelina Jolie as Daenerys Targaryen

Justin Wiggins Multiverse Celebrities

Beautiful Angelina Jolie has always effortlessly played powerful women roles in movie history, as a powerful woman herself. Play the roles of the perfect spy in SALT to the main protagonist of an anti-hero story Maleficent, she proved that she could excel in any role. One of her most recent roles is that of Thena in Eternals, a handsome white-haired immortal being in the MCU. It’s possible this inspired Wiggins to paint her as Daenerys Targaryen, a strong female protagonist in the game of thrones series.

Who is Justin Wiggins?

Justin Wiggins is a South African graphic designer and web designer who is a self-proclaimed 3D printing enthusiast and film fanatic. Starting small in internet cafes and working his way up through the industry, Wiggins is a true entrepreneur. He’s done everything from Microsoft Certified qualifications in networking and programming to marketing strategies and design.

Wiggins owns his own business, GraphicMagic, where he pursues his passion for helping small businesses with graphic and web design, designing logos, business cards, email signatures, letterheads and banners.

He is also passionate about cinema and has even worked on the video editing of South African films and some international films shot on native soil. Along with this, he has designed websites for movies, movie posters, marketing proposals and more. His passion for movies brought his @multiverse_celebrities Instagram profile to life, making great use of his graphic design skills.

We all love a good fancasting time, and it’s even better when artists have the skill to bring the fancasting to life so others truly understand their casting choices.