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Kanye West brings DONDA into the tech world


Kanye West is finally gearing up to launch his tech company DONDA, which will sell everything from smartwatches to smart jewelry! Read more!

Rapper Kanye West appears to be in the early stages of building a tech company named after his mother.

According to TMZ, Ye has filed trademark applications for the DONDA name on an assortment of electronic products.

The billionaire rapper has filed an application to protect the name on smartwatches, tablets, audio speakers, headphones, smart jewelry, and more.

He’s been using his mother’s name in business since 2012, when he started his creative content company DONDA.

Now that he’s a billionaire, Kanye West may be framing DONDA’s plans he announced on Twitter at the time.

“DONDA is a design company that will galvanize incredible thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce dreams and ideas… I bring together a team of architects, graphic designers, musicians, producers, [A&Rs], writers, publicists, social media experts, app users, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJs, video game designers, editors, technicians, lawyers, bankers, nutritionists, ”Kanye proclaimed in 2012 when he announced the DONDA brand.

DONDA is supposed to include 22 divisions, which “will help to simplify and aesthetically enhance everything we see, hear, touch, taste and feel”.

Kanye has been a very busy legal and business man. He attempted to change his name from Kanye West to simply Ye.

The rap star / designer is also seeking to dominate the housewares industry after his holding company Mascotte Holdings Inc., registered the “Kanye West” trademark for silk sheets, curtains, towels and other products. .

Kanye’s company also owns various other brands, such as Loop Dreams, The Past Tells Everything, Yeezy, Universe City, Kanye Travel Ventures, Good Water, and Past Tell Museum.

Earlier this week, Kanye released a $ 90 hoodie in collaboration with The Gap. The collection sold out within hours.


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