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LeBron James calls Ty Lue the best coach in the NBA


As the LA Clippers were in the middle of their comeback effort on Friday night, LeBron James showed his former coach some love. Ty Lue opted to go small in the second half which generated a comeback effort and nearly earned a win. With the Clippers up front, LeBron sent out this Tweet which apparently was about Ty Lue:

While the Clippers couldn’t pull off the win, it was largely thanks to Ty Lue that they had a chance. Lue was understandably disappointed after the game, mentioning it will be the first time he’s missed the playoffs as an assistant or head coach; however, while Lue himself was disappointed, he didn’t believe his team should be.

“It’s a disappointed locker room, but these guys have nothing to be ashamed of…I know we didn’t make the playoffs, but considering everything that’s happened this year, I’m very proud of our guys,” Lue mentioned. With the hand dealt to them, until the last day of the season, the Clippers gave it their all. This is largely due to the culture instilled by Ty Lue, and the team really bought into it.

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Lue and the Clippers will now focus on next season, where they will have healthy Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Norman Powell. This loss stings, but the future is bright.

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