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Lightning strike leaves tree burning from within, internet in disbelief


Humanity has often been left speechless by both the benevolence and the wrath of nature. We often come across incidents that can only be called wonders of nature because they shatter all the known preset notions we have. A recent video that has gone viral only repeats it. Normally, when a tree is struck by lightning, it is usually blown away, or its roots die and the tree decays due to lack of water and nutrients. However, the video in question actually shows the tree starting to burn from the inside after being struck by lightning.

The video was shared by Twitter handle InterestingsAsF on June 9. In the video, the tree is seen to have a hollow opening in its trunk and flames are clearly seen engulfing it from the inside, in the hollow part. The red shoals are clearly visible inside the tree.

A tree is often seen to catch fire after being struck by lightning, but fire burning inside is not that common. This is exactly why many people were unconvinced of the authenticity of the video and considered it to be fake and generated by infographics. Many said that a lightning strike would have taken the whole tree in its grip and not just the inside of the tree. Here’s how some users reacted in disbelief.

To people wondering why the whole tree wasn’t on fire, one user attempted to answer their question by saying, “It’s a cork oak (Quercus suber) with extremely fire-resistant bark. In Portugal, where millions of hectares of forest are destroyed by fires every year, it is a very popular tree.

When lightning strikes a tree, the sap interior acts as a better conductor than wood, heating the sap interior to near boiling temperatures. This internal pressure can cause the tree to burst or burn from the inside.

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