Home Illustration Mangaka Wakui bids farewell to Tokyo Revengers through new artwork

Mangaka Wakui bids farewell to Tokyo Revengers through new artwork


Tokyo avengers finally came to an end after 278 chapters. A few time jumps later, Takemichi managed to rewrite the timeline and save everyone he cared about.

Mangaka Ken Wakui added a number of twists throughout the story, but saved the biggest for last – Takemichi’s final time jump. So ended a much-loved series, thanks to a great writer.

As a farewell, Wakui took to social media to share one final artwork, which not only showed the main characters of Tokyo avengers but also featured him reaching out to draw them one last time.

Mangaka Ken Wakui bids farewell to Tokyo avengers through the teary eyed illustration

wakui cries while drawing the end of tokyo revengers ft. chifuyu trying to raise his arm to draw takemichi noooo https://t.co/yyPdITnVrP

The mangaka has shared new artwork featuring characters like protagonists Takemichi and Mikey, Ken “Draken” Ryuguji, and Tokyo Manji Gang member Chifuyu Matsuno. Along with them, he also added himself by drawing these characters with Chifuyu raising his hand to help him complete Takemichi’s drawing.

The mangaka’s tearful goodbye to the series aroused the emotion of fans on Twitter.

to finally cry with happiness (and sadness) that it ended on a happy note with everyone alive… tr became my comfort manga fr

@toman_official I cry, thank you for this great anime and fandom, they have become my refuge, thank you for everything wakui!

While there were those who were unhappy with the end of Tokyo avengersthere were also those who fully supported him.

They were happy that the conclusion brought together the entire roster of characters, alive and well. Each of them was spared the doom that awaited them and escaped unscathed.

As in all timelines, everyone suffered. Maybe at least in a timeline everyone is happy. Man now I’m crying. I appreciate Wakui for creating something special, if not a masterpiece. The characters will forever be etched in my memory.

Fans found solace in the brilliant story and its memorable host of characters. They expressed their feelings about Ken Wakui Tokyo avengers being their “comfort series” and would hold the characters close to their hearts.

Rumor has it that Wakui himself was visibly upset after the Bloody Halloween battle. The reason for this was most likely the death of Keisuke Baji, which shocked the characters and the viewers.

However, in the new timeline, Baji was alive and unharmed as the Bloody Halloween battle never happened. Others like Seishu and Akane Inui were fine, the absence of their burn scars indicating that the house fire in the past had not happened.

I’m crying so what wakui means by he already had the ending planned after valhalla arc is he was already planning to revive Baji this is sooosjdhshsj

Perhaps the greatest of all, Tokyo avengers‘ Takemichi managed to save his beloved Hinata Tachibana. The final chapter shows the two lovebirds getting married and walking down the chapel steps. In attendance were members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, rejoicing and congratulating their comrade.

Every great series has its detractors and supporters. Tokyo avengers is no different. There were ups and downs, but in the end it was a great story. It kept its viewers engaged and on their feet with some unexpected twists. Ken Wakui has given the anime community something to cherish that’s a little different from regular series dealing with time travel.

The series’ conclusion also felt fair, with each of the characters getting their happy endings. What’s left now is the anime adaptation. With its first season already aired, season 2 is expected to release probably in the winter of 2023. It is supposed to cover the Black Dragon Bowalso known as Christmas Showdown Arc.

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