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Marvelous moon knight illustration is giant easter egg


Artist Dan Hipp stuffs as many Easter eggs as he can into a Moon Knight illustration, with references ranging from anime to Star Wars.

How many Easter eggs can fit in a single illustration? Artist Dan Hipp recently rose to the challenge by drawing Moon Knight almost entirely made up of references to everything from Star wars and anime to Spider-Man and the Next Moon knight series on Disney +.

While the illustration may appear to be Moon Knight simply perched under the moon, a closer look at the hero’s cloak reveals a plethora of stitched references. Posted on Hipp’s Twitter, the many Easter eggs in the illustration include references to other famous uses of the “motif in popular culture. Sailor Moon from the popular anime of the same name can be seen on the sleeve. right hand side of Moon Knight, while a MoonPie dessert is half eaten in his right hand. Most of the other Easter eggs spotted refer to the work of actor Oscar Isaac, who will play the titular hero of the aforementioned Disney + series .

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Isaac’s role as pilot Poe Dameron in the Star wars The franchise is referenced multiple times via the X-Wing in Moon Knight’s left hand as well as the famous “That’s no moon” line complete with a Death Star on Moon Knight’s left sleeve. Hipp even referred to Spider-Man 2099, which Isaac voiced, and the X Men villainous Apocalypse, which Isaac played, drawing the two characters riding the X-Wing.

Ahead of Moon knightPremiering on Disney + later this year, Isaac spoke about how eager he is to bring Khonsu’s fist to life, with the actor calling the role the biggest risk he has ever taken. “I do this show called Moon knight, and we have a month left, “Isaac said in an interview last September,” and I feel like so far maybe this is where it was like, oh, i was so nervous about it but i just had such a blast. “

While exciting, the role was not without its challenges, as Isaac explained the experience of filming. Moon knight in a separate interview last year. “I found so much room to do things I had never done before and I was curious and wanted to do,” the actor said. “I couldn’t wait to get ready, and it was the biggest workload I’ve ever had in my career and the most difficult; by the amount of stuff we had to do in eight months, and even still, I couldn’t wait to get settled in and work. “

Fans got their first glimpse of Isaac Moon knight in a teaser released in November. Although a leak has claimed that a release date for the series will be revealed at the end of last year, Moon knight remains slated to premiere on Disney + on a date yet to be announced in 2022.

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