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Media gallery: design as a way of life



Media Gallery founder Masud Zaheed (left) and co-director Abdullah Zaheed

Media Gallery – a creative design agency based in Colombo – is a more visible and audible name on social media than on paper, but it is making waves and receiving warm praise for its brilliance in the design arena. and communication.

Media Gallery was founded by Masud Zaheed, a graphic designer with an abundance of creative ideas, attention to detail and a unique sense of humor. Masud strongly believes in the love of his work, and this philosophy has extended his unique creative abilities beyond his professional limits.

His Facebook / Instagram page “Thambipanni”, which includes a collection of Sri Lankan-inspired “puns”, is a must visit for its followers and has proven to be a stress relief for many. However, “Thambipanni” is not part of his professional endeavor and is best characterized in Masud’s words by the need to “spread positivity and make people smile in these difficult times”.

Masud believes that all work and no play is a recipe for professional weariness and boredom and sees humor as his constant companion as he runs Media Gallery forward in an industry widely recognized as one of the most large and most innovative in the world.

The agency’s humble origins can be traced back to when he was a student at his alma mater, the Royal College, when his distinctive creative abilities were initially recognized and honored. Responsible for designing the Royal-Thomian – Battle of the Blues souvenir, Bradby Shield souvenir and other designs created for a variety of prestigious publications and events.

At the Royal College, he had the opportunity to work with clubs and societies representing all faiths, from designing publications for the Buddhist Brotherhood to designing events for the Union of Catholic Students, which refined his skills and helped him add a professional touch to any project. he was working with. The young artist expresses his gratitude to the school for providing the platform and motivation to embark on a career that has grown into a fully functional design agency, in fact, a family business with the support of its co-director Abdullah Zaheed.

Media Gallery has focused on organic growth that is both sustainable and achievable in an increasingly competitive market environment. In this regard, the agency has put in place a mix of strict rules emphasizing business ethics, the efficient use of technology, adherence to modern trends and practices in the design industry and customer-centric initiatives as she strives to be part of the country’s creative elite.

Explaining in detail Media Gallery’s graphic design process, Masud said, “When a client contacts us for a design requirement, we engage with them to try to understand the project and let our thoughts gravitate to their specific request. This approach helps us to better appreciate and meet customer expectations. The desire to do a job well and to impress our customers fuels our thinking and gives muscle to our customer relationships. Winning the all-important “Thank you, this work was amazing!” The compliment is what we’re looking for. This piece of DNA is what binds us together and motivates us to succeed.

As Media Gallery continues to expand over time, the brothers have decided to explore overseas markets for home decor products in the not too distant future. In the face of difficult times brought on by the global pandemic, the company sees its interior design business model adapting to e-commerce at a faster rate than expected, inquiries on customer websites and sales in line recording a constant increase in traffic.

While Masud’s original service was bespoke graphic design, Media Gallery quickly expanded to include specialist interior design solutions for on-site client sites such as homes and commercial locations.

“We had no idea how complex this industry was,” said Abdullah Zaheed. “We overcame creative hurdles by thinking outside the box and solving tough challenges through thoughtful visual strategies. In some situations, a physical or virtual visit to the client’s home or office is required; we prefer to listen with our eyes and therefore examine the interior (or exterior) layout. This includes the arrangement of the furniture, the choice of wall colors, interior and exterior lighting and the selection of curtains. Knowing the client’s needs and budget helps us make suggestions, discuss options, and personalize our wall decor items. This technique is vital to our design efforts. In addition to Arabic calligraphy, we now offer scenic images and motivational messages for corporate work environments. Our canvas wall decor canvas and wood based products have been featured in many home and business interior design projects. Receiving recognition from customers as a resource for qualified wall decorating advice has been gratifying.

Mediagallery’s graphic design portfolio and its unique products focused on the art of Arabic calligraphy are available on its website.



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