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Miraclon awarded the Pinnacle InterTech Award

Miraclon, the home of Kodak Flexcel Solutions, received a Pinnacle InterTech Award for PureFlexo Printing, a new technology launched earlier this year. Accessible through Flexcel NX Print Suite for Flexible Packaging, the technology treats and controls the spread of unwanted ink to allow a wider operating window; maximize efficiency, repeatability and overall performance on the press.

The award, sponsored by Printing United Alliance and awarded to truly innovative technologies with the potential to have a significant impact on the printing and graphics industry, is Printing United Alliance’s fifth honor for award-winning Kodak Flexcel NX technology.

“Advances in flexo technology have improved the efficiency and quality of printing over the years and Miraclon’s innovation has made it even better,” said James Workman, vice president, technology and research, Printing United Alliance. “The judges recognized the production benefits that the advanced multifunctional surface shaping provided by PureFlexo Printing brings to the pressroom. “

PureFlexo Printing uses the patented Miraclon technology created by the same R&D team responsible for inventing the proven Flexcel NX system launched in 2008, building on the innovation that Miraclon has brought to the market over the past 13 years. PureFlexo printing provides a wider operational window regardless of the line screen, with compound savings through fewer unplanned press stoppages each day, reduced downtime and delays, and faster color setups. Designed specifically for wideband solvent ink applications on film applications, PureFlexo Printing maximizes efficiency, repeatability and overall press performance while enabling printers and prepress suppliers to benefit from printing sharper, stable colors and a better bottom line for their business.

“This prestigious award, which represents the entire graphics industry, underlines our commitment to continue to develop technology that can enable the flexo printing industry to drive its transformation into a sophisticated manufacturing process,” commented John Anderson, director of advanced printing applications at Miraclon. “PureFlexo printing allows printers to reset the quality-efficiency balance, which has been under pressure due to ever-expanding graphics demands. By addressing the root cause of the problems that lead to unplanned press downtime, this technology will not only allow users to improve their bottom line, but also push the boundaries of flexo printing as it is known today. hui.

PRINTING United Alliance also awarded the Pinnacle Intertech Award for previous innovations: Kodak Flexcel NX System (2008), Kodak Digicap NX Patterning Technology (2010), Kodak NX Advantage Technology (2015) and Kodak Ultra Clean Technology ( 2019).

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