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MLB announces deal with AppleTV+ for exclusive slate of games


1. Even though the owners say money is tight, MLB and Apple TV+ announced a new deal on Tuesday.

If baseball season is on, Apple TV+ will air an exclusive Friday night doubleheader every week.

This means that the only where you can watch those Friday night games on Apple TV+. The game will not be released in your local market even if your local team is playing.

This is what “exclusive” really means: pay, suckers!

It’s just another way for leagues to make money by adding another streaming service that sports fans have to pay for if they want to watch as much sports as possible.

Now let me be very clear on something: I am fully aware that this is not a big deal and most people will not be affected by it.

It’s really comical when you think about it. Baseball needs to get younger, so it’s embracing the world of streaming…but it’s doing it by showing games on a Friday night when the kids are actually out there doing stuff. Meanwhile, many seniors who would watch a Friday night baseball game probably don’t even know what Apple TV+ is.

And, if you wanted to go to a bar with friends on a Friday night and watch your home team, guess what? You’ll be screwed because most bars use cable or satellite.

The main point here isn’t that a baseball fan can’t watch their favorite team two or three times a season on a Friday night. The fact is: when is enough with how many streaming services a sports fan should subscribe to?

I’ve said it many times: if you’re a sports fan who loves all sports, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to be able to watch whatever you want. Even if you cut the cord, you’ll need Amazon to watch Thursday night football. Now you need AppleTV+ to watch MLB. If you are a football fan, you need several streaming services including Paramount+. If you’re a hockey fan, you better get ESPN+. Fan of Notre Dame? You better have Peacock.

It’s one of my favorite GIFs and now when I see it I immediately think of what it’s like to be a sports fan these days.

When will this end?

2. CBS and Turner Sports announced their NCAA tournament broadcast pairings yesterday. It’s remarkable how consistent these crews are from year to year. Here is the list of those who will call the games from next Thursday.

Jim Nantz-Bill Raftery-Grant Hill
Brian Anderson–Jim Jackson
Ian Eagle–Jim Spanarkel
Kevin Harlan–Dan Bonner–Reggie Miller
Lisa Byington–Steve Smith–Avery Johnson
Andrew Catalon–Steve Lappas
Spero Dedes–Deb Antonelli
Brad Nessler–Brendan Haywood

3. There are a lot of new stars in the NBA, but from the ratings, most fans still love watching Steph Curry and LeBron James.

4. I’ve written here many times that I don’t understand why Kevin Durant is wasting his time with Twitter, but I have to be fair. I really enjoyed this tweet he sent last night after scoring just 14 points.

5. Almost 24 hours later, I still don’t know why that Seahawks tweet was deemed bad and why they deleted it.

A quarterback who wanted out was traded. No one died. Some social media staff got cute and tried to have fun with the situation. I know it’s Twitter and everyone is so overly sensitive to it, but the fact that it’s been deemed a controversy is just pathetic.

6. The last IS Media Podcast features an interview with Jim Miller. The author, journalist and podcast host shared his thoughts on all the recent NFL broadcaster madness. Troy Aikman at ESPN. Joe Buck at ESPN? What’s going on with Al Michaels? Where will Fox turn for an NFL No. 1 stand? Is Kirk Herbstreit in play for Amazon? All of this and more is covered by Miller.

Additionally, Andrew Perloff of the Maggie and Perloff show joins me for this week’s “Traina Thoughts” segment, during which we discuss my recent appearance on his show, the MLB lockout, a rumored Vince McMahon vs. Pat McAfee matchup at WrestleMania and more.

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7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: After this happened on Twitter last night, I had to give you all some Matt Saracen today.

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