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NBA rumours: James Harden preferred the Nets to Sixers last season


When Daryl Morey joined the Philadelphia 76ers front office last year, he was coming off a long career with the Houston Rockets. While Morey has made many moves to Houston, his acquisition of James Harden remains his most significant upgrade.

After leaving Houston and joining the Sixers front office, Morey attempted to trade for Harden for the second time in his career. As Harden grew unhappy with the Rockets’ organization and demanded a trade, the Sixers were one of the best teams in the Harden contest.

However, when all was said and done, the Sixers came up empty handed. And the Brooklyn Nets landed the former MVP instead. There are mixed messages as to whether the Sixers really had a chance to land Harden or not, given Houston’s frustration with Morey.

But one thing was certainly clear; the Sixers wanted Harden and were willing to move from their former No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons and more to get him.

As there is a chance that Harden will become available again this summer, the Sixers are in a similar situation as they are believed to want to keep hope alive for a potential Simmons-Harden trade once again.

The good news… and the bad news

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