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Pamplin Media Group – THE BEE awarded


THE BEE has been here since 1906 and has always strived to be the best. A new statewide award indicates that this year it was

“ONPA” is the acronym for the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, and most of Oregon’s publications – in print and online – are members. Daily and weekly newspapers are regular members; THE BEE, as a monthly, is an “Associate Member”.

Once a year, awards are given out in many aspects of publishing – and, for associate members, there are a few awards as well. In September, for the first time, THE BEE was named the first laureate in the “General Excellence” category for associate members. We are very happy and touched by this recognition. Although the editor’s name is mentioned with the award, we need to make it very clear that everyone associated with the newspaper is embraced in this honor – especially the freelance correspondents who submit most of our content – and our editor, and our graphic designer. Thus, the credits: Correspondents David F. Ashton, Rita A. Leonard, Elizabeth Ussher Groff and Paige Wallace; and our two Southeast History contributors, Eileen G. Fitzsimons and Dana Beck. Our editor is Brian Monihan; our graphic designer is Molly Filler. Sandy Hubbard assists the editor with ad sales.

L’ABEILLE is the second oldest regional newspaper of the district, having started in 1906; For the past two decades, the newspaper has been owned by the Oregon publishing group of Pamplin Media, and Eric Norberg has served as its editor. It is not well known that THE BEE has the second largest circulation of all Pamplin publications – 45,000 readers per month – surpassed only by the company’s flagship product, the Portland Tribune, which has many more. And THE BEE sends out more numbers than any of them. THE BEE is the dominant and most profitable advertising medium focusing entirely on the interior of South East Portland. THE BEE was the first newspaper in our group to launch a web version of a newspaper, and today has the distinction of offering two different layouts but entirely up-to-date websites – the new site provided by the company, www.TheBeeNews.com; and the original website, which readers tell us is easier to access and read on cordless phones – www.ReadTheBee.com. You have the choice to read.

We are proud of this honor, and it motivates us to redouble our efforts to keep you fully informed of what is happening right here in the Southeast Interior. But it is also your honor, because if you did not read L’ABEILLE, and did not respond to our advertisers, the newspaper could not exist as a free service for this part of the city. So well done and thank you!

You depend on us to stay informed and we depend on you to fund our efforts. Good local journalism takes time and money. Please support us to protect the future of community journalism.


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