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Picard Season 2 Deleted Scene + Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway – TrekMovie.com


Star Trek: Picard Season 2 arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and Steelbook on Tuesday, October 2. The release includes over 90 minutes of bonus content, including exclusive featurettes and commentary. We have an exclusive clip of a deleted scene and we’re giving away some copies as well.

Deleted scene: Seven and Raffi are looking for Borgati.

The next scene from Episode 7 (“Monsters”) shows Seven and Raffi debating whether Jurati was a Borg, and more details on how they were able to take Jurati to Deacon’s Bar in Los Angeles.

Here’s a full breakdown of the special features in this release:

  • THE USS STARGAZER – The featurette dives deep into the creation of the USS Stargazer from concept to construction and features exclusive time-lapse photography alongside production designer Dave Blass, who brought in TNG’s original art department, including acclaimed star trek graphic designer Michael Okuda and designers Doug Drexler and John Eaves to create the latest USS Stargazer.
  • THE CASTLE – Led by production designer Dave Blass and prop master Jeff Lombardi, the featurette explores the transition of Picard’s castle after its redesign and conversion to the Dataverse in season one.
  • THE TRIAL IS OVER – The intimate behind-the-scenes look connects fans with John de Lancie reprising his role as Q, playing an important role in the season two story arc.
  • REBUILD QUEEN BORG – The featurette features actress Annie Wersching as she discusses her role as the Borg Queen. After 25 years, the iconic character returns through advanced design and production techniques, which are discussed in more detail by designer Neville Page, prosthetic master Vincent Van Dyke and head of the make-up department James MacKinnon.
  • PICARD ACCESSORIES – Property Master Jeff Lombardi takes fans on a tour that showcases the various props created for Star Trek: Picard – Season 2.
  • PICARD PASSAGES – Alongside the cast and crew, fans will follow the heroes of Star Trek: Picard through time and space as they encounter old and new friends, as well as challenges, in the final season.

Arrival Tuesday

You can pre-order Season 2 of Picard now on Amazon: Blu-Ray $42.99 and DVDs $29.95.

There is also a limited edition Steelbook Available on Amazon for 48.67

Blu-ray/DVD giveaway

TrekMovie offers two copies of the picard Season 2 Blu-ray or DVD to a few lucky readers in the US. All you have to do is comment below telling us which character(s) picard season 2 that you would like to see in their own spin-off series. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, October 6 at Noon Pacific. Please include a working email address so you can be contacted about where to send the copy.

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