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Play your favorite games with the iBuyPower preconfigured PC on sale for $ 700 off


Are you looking for a new PC? Need something powerful to play your favorite video games at peak performance? Want to save a few hundred dollars in the process? Take it IBuyPower Gaming RDY SMRVRR204 pre-built computer on sale for $ 1,999. It’s on sale for what iBuyPower considers $ 800 less than its regular price, and you get some really powerful components in this PC. You are going to be prepared for great games for a long time.

The case of this gaming PC is the iBuyPower Slate 5 MR with tempered glass and ARGB. Specifications include an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor. This is a processor that really heats up, so you’ll want to keep your PC as cool as possible. Lucky for you, it comes with a 120mm RGB liquid cooling system. If you know how and can save the extra investment, you could potentially upgrade to 240mm.

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Other specs include 16GB DDR4 RAM with RGB, a 1TB MSI M370 M.2 NVMe SSD, and the powerful Gigabyte Aorus Master AMD Radeon RX 3800 XT graphics card. This SSD has plenty of room to get you started, and it’s going to be super fast. You can add one or two more hard drives if you need more space. If you’ve always wanted to venture into virtual reality, this is a great PC for it. It’s already VR Ready with this graphics card.

The PC comes with an RGB gaming keyboard, optical mouse, and three years of warranty service.

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