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Pokaiaua Haunga talks about BYU, Big 12 engagement


Last week BYU signed 19 players as part of its 2022 signing class. The traditional signing day will still allow the Cougars to sign more players if they choose, but the Class of 2022 is mostly on the books.

Given BYU’s recent invitation to the Big 12, the program’s overall momentum, and the program’s strong class of players, BYU’s 2023 class has the potential to be one of the best in history. from school. BYU already has a pair of 2023 commits in its Timpview teammates Pokaiaua Haunga and Hezekia Anahu-Ambrosio. I sat down with Pokaiaua Haunga to discuss his early engagement with BYU and his recruiting pitch to fellow 2023 hires.

When BYU offered Haunga a scholarship in January, it was Haunga’s first scholarship offering. It didn’t take long for her to grab the opportunity to play at one of her top schools and get involved in BYU. How long? “Like an hour,” Haunga said. “The fact that BYU has always been one of my best colleges to go to … I just wanted to respect the fact that they were one of the first schools to reach out.”

The Timpview pipeline has always been a critical part of BYU’s recruiting efforts. In the 2021 class, BYU has recruited players like Logan Fano and Raider Damuni from Timpview. “Looking at all the rookies that BYU has recruited, it’s great for me,” Haunga said. “I will be able to play with my friends in the future”

As a junior at Timpview, Haunga totaled over 1,100 receiving yards, 200 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. He was mostly lining up on the wide receiver. His position at BYU is yet to be determined. “I’ve been offered to serve as security and a running back … I don’t know where they want me yet. The way they move people is best for the team and the players.” Defensive coordinator Ilaisa Tuiaki was the member of the coaching staff who extended the offer.

Haunga makes the connection between spending time with BYU’s coaching staff and spending time with his family. “It’s like being with my uncles, I always have a good time with them.” said Haunga. Pokaiaua said Daily Cougs that BYU’s coaching staff is the reason he would tell other rookies to come to BYU. “If you want a team of coaches who will take care of you no matter what and a school that will prepare you for life, come to BYU.”

Pokaiaua made a commitment to BYU in January. The future of the football program looks very different now than it was when it made a verbal commitment to the Cougars. In September, BYU accepted an invitation to join the Big 12 from 2023. “I was very excited,” Haunga said of BYU joining the Big 12. “I’ve always wanted to play against great teams… now that ‘They’ In the Big 12, they face teams like that every week. I was very excited.

Haunga and Hezekia Anahu-Ambrosio aren’t the only Timpview players to appear on BYU’s 2023 radar. Spencer Fano, the younger brother of 2021 signer Logan Fano, and Siale Esera are four-star prospects at the top of BYU’s wishlist.