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Pratt Launches Associate Degree in Online Game Design and Interactive Media


Games can entertain, educate, explain and capture the imagination, and game design today is full of exciting opportunities for creative innovation and applications in different fields.

The Pratt Institute’s associate degree programs at the School of Art will launch a fully online two-year professional studies associate degree in game design and interactive media in fall 2022.

Ranked one of the best in the country by College Consensus, the program equips students with the key skills and knowledge needed to meet the high demand for creative professionals in digital and analog game design. It prepares students for immediate entry into the field of work, either in an established company or as a freelance game designer. The skills learned in software and production can also be applied in medical, therapeutic, architectural, web and other contexts.

Opportunities in game design have continued to expand since the in-person interactive media and game design program began in fall 2017. The online degree will extend the reach of the program to students beyond the physical campus. by Pratt.

“The online program is ideal for students who, for example, are balancing their education with a current job or with family commitments, and for those who are not based in New York,” said Susan Young, president of programs at associated diplomas. “Students are quickly up and running in acquiring the skills they need and are immersed in Pratt’s unique creative environment within a community with their peers and faculty. The approach promotes collaboration, which is an important aspect of the game design industry and also improves learning opportunities. “

The program is taught by professors who are active professionals in the field, with experience in companies such as Marvel and HBO. Specializing in gaming from an artistic perspective, the program covers game design, production, programming, interactivity and prototyping. Students can explore the spectrum of possibilities, from screen games to board games and other analog games, while learning theory and strategy, storytelling, world building, animation, and motion graphics.

Learn more about the Game Design and Interactive Media Associate of Occupational Studies online degree program and how to apply. Applications for admission are due January 5, 2022 for the fall semester 2022. All admitted students will be considered for merit scholarships.