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Products of the week: dive watches, coolers and outdoor travel bags


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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news on gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Reigning Champ and Price team up for a formal workout capsule, Sonic Lamb delivers heart-pounding sound quality, and Away releases its FAR (For Any Route) collection.


Bremont Waterman Apex Watch

It’s the return of the Waterman! Not AquaMan, watch out, because this Bremont watch is considerably more exciting than another superhero snoozefest. In 2018 the brand released a limited edition diver’s watch with that moniker as part of its Supermarine range, and now four years later it’s back with the Waterman Apex, an even more limited mechanical model (at 250 pieces) that was tested by Laird Hamilton, the big wave surfer who knows a thing or two about water resistance.

a model lying down reading a book surrounded by Away FAR bags

A way

Away FAR Outdoor Bags

Apparently, the Away luggage brand was fed up with being stuck on the tarmac while everyone galloped through hills and valleys. This week, the company launched the FAR (“For All Routes”) collection, a range of outdoor bags that includes all kinds of pouches, cubes, bags, backpacks and sports bags. And because they’re trying to cater to people who love airline lounges less than drinking homemade kombucha while bouldering, they’ve branched out into quirky colors like “Atomic Celery” (which might be a good name for a homemade kombucha…).

a model in a pair of Rancourt & Co The Coggins "Sawtooth" Sturdy moccasin shoes


Rancourt & Co. David Coggins “Sawtooth” Shoe

Interested in cosplaying as an outdoor intellectual? Do you feel a special connection with the Borromean circles of fly fishing, Hemingway and (perhaps too much) whisky? You’re lucky. The collaboration between author David Coggins and historic retailers Rancourt & Co. is back for round two, this time with a Sawtooth Mountain-inspired moccasin-style stomper with all the heavy-duty bindings you could ask for. Each limited-edition pair is handcrafted in Lewiston, Maine, and designed to withstand a lifetime of activity.

a SKRT canned hard seltzer in four fruit flavors on a gray background


Hard seltzer SKRT

Created by Post Malone and music industry veteran Dr. London, SKRT is a line of fizzy hard seltzers available in grape, lemon-lime, peach and dark cherry variants. At 5% ABV, we’re not sure what separates it from other ready-to-drink (RTD) cans – they say more flavor and fewer calories (100 per can) – but we’re just glad it is not the new energy drink Vanilla Ice.

a model from the reigning champ x prince collection in all white, wearing a bucket hat, polo shirt, shorts and holding a tennis racket

reigning champion

Reigning Champion x Prince Tennis Collection

Just in time for Wimbledon, Reigning Champ and Prince have teamed up for a capsule that’s a clear ace (despite adhering to outdated tennis tournament rules). A sartorial representation of both brands’ commitment to quality and simplicity, the 10-piece collection includes tennis blanks, accessories and, of course, co-branded racquets and balls.

a pair of gray and black headphones on a gray background

Sonic Lamb

Sonic Lamb Helmet

Here’s the pitch for this headphone brand you’ve never heard of: “Designed for the headset”. Kind of. The next version of Sonic Lamb “reproduces sound using air and bone-to-body conduction to emulate a full-range audio driver and subwoofer system,” which they claim is in a helmet for the first time. Pre-orders now get you 34% off the final price.

three models in lululemon hiking clothes in the desert


Lululemon Hike

To say we’re thrilled with Lululemon’s Hike line — the first Day Tripper collection drops July 5 — would be a severe understatement. The 33-piece collection features a wealth of technical gear and apparel specially designed with the “adaptable, stowable, convertible” mantra in mind, including the Rippled HR Hiking Jogger and the perfectly matched LiftOS 25L Hiking Backpack. dimensioned. Good for half hour hikes and multi-day expeditions, we look forward to backcountry stunts.

a leg of ham on a festive table

famous market

famous market 100% Serrano Grain-Fed Ham

The best offering from fresh direct-to-consumer Spanish deli supplier Mercado Famous, this 15-pound centerpiece is 100% Serrano pork. Shipped whole (free) so you can slice and dice it any way you like at home, this piece of ham has been cured for 24 months and contains enough pork to feed 40.

a gray connected LifeStraw device on a gray background


LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Water Filter System

In case you need lifesaving fluid, with nothing but a filthy pond teeming with god knows what to keep you alive, LifeStraw is a lifesaver. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Bear Grylls-level adventure enthusiast, the wearable device protects against bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. Packing one just in case is more than enough for some serious peace of mind.

GLCO x Daniel Shepard collab collection


GLCO x Daniel Shepard

Luxury eyewear maker Garrett Leight recently tapped Mexican graphic designer and illustrator Daniel Shepard for a wavy summer collaboration, and the result is a funky, trippy collaboration of fun (non-optical) items, including a relaxing beach chair. , a matching beach towel and a sick handbag. But the highlight of the collection is definitely the Igloo light cooler. It will make you the coolest guy in any swimming hole.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Rainbow Quartz Watch


Alpiner Comtesse Sport Rainbow Quartz Watch

The Comtesse label designates Alpina’s women’s watches, so while the rainbow pieces are one of the ultimate wristwatches, this one is designed specifically for women. That said, this 36.5mm stainless steel sports watch, produced in a limited edition of 288 pieces, is so stylish that it’s worth a look for anyone, regardless of gender.