Home Illustration Quentin Moore is still looking to launch a Washington Husky career

Quentin Moore is still looking to launch a Washington Husky career


Twelve months ago, Quentin Moore returned home triumphantly and joined the University of Washington football program. He was heralded as one of the top junior college tight ends in the nation after a pit stop in Independence, Kansas.

The son of a former but obscure Seattle Seahawks defensive back, the well-proportioned 6-foot-5, 249-pound newcomer has adapted perfectly to spring training.

Moore made some tough holds in the middle. He was a big target with big hands. He was expected to ably complement the UW’s impressive collection of proven Pac-12 tight ends, which included Cade Otton, Devin Culp, Jack Westover and Mark Redman.

However, Moore, like his new football team, never got off the ground in 2021. He only played two games, against Oregon State and UCLA, presumably held due to injuries, although Jimmy Lake staff rarely confirmed why players were absent or unavailable. .

With a new coach in Kalen DeBoer, Moore is still looking for prime-time exposure, extended playing time, even his first UW reception.

The good news for the former Inglemoor High School in the northern suburbs of Seattle is that it looks made to order for DeBoer’s spreading offense being set up.

With spring practice underway, we’re offering insights and insights gathered from the UW football staff in a series of stories about every scholarship player from #0-99. We’ll be looking at each Husky’s previous starting experience. , if any, and will determine what comes next under new coach Kalen DeBoer.

As with any coaching change, it’s a new beginning in football for everyone, including Huskies number 88.

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Moore, similar to Devin Culp, looks much leaner even though his weight is only a pound less over a year.

Unlike Culp, he always tries to ingratiate himself with the new coaching staff. After recent training, he was seen crawling from sideline to sideline while clutching a soccer ball, almost looking like a Navy seal doing the tough exercise. Other players have also been subjected to this. It seemed to be some kind of program reminder. Were they late for a meeting or a practice session in this decidedly more disciplined system?

Otherwise, Moore looks set to contribute alongside the rest of his Husky post peers. His hands remain positive attributes. His feet could be even more impressive. It moves well when entering the open space.

While last spring was a homecoming, Moore would do well to use this one as a coming-out party.

UW Starter or not: If the Huskies needed him, Moore could enter the opening lineup. In his only season for Independence CC in the competitive Kansas JuCo ranks that once served Corey Dillon’s needs, Moore caught 38 passes for 547 yards and 5 touchdowns. However, he’s still running behind Culp and Westover, which likely leaves him off the bench. With three seasons of UW eligibility remaining, Moore will become a starter at some point.

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