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Record collector: Nick Sciacca, aka @sixtwenty2


Nick Sciacca (@sixty2 on Instagram) is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, artist, cyclist and record collector. Nick did art work at the time for many Tri-State bands (mine included) and continues to produce stellar artwork both personally and professionally.

His vinyl collection is as extensive as the list of shows he’s performed in; Nick happens to be the only person I know now who owns the self-titled 10 inch EP of The Last Crime. Someone should press it again. It also has a massive, I mean massive, collection of NYHC demos:

How did you come to collect records?

I started collecting 7-inches, CDs and cassettes at punk/hardcore gigs on Long Island. The 7-inches were cheap, so it was an easy entry point for collection. It wasn’t until I was in college in New York that I started getting more serious about collecting and started acquiring more LPs (and too many CDs). In the mid-90s, there were only one or two record stores worth visiting on Long Island (None of the Above Records, PWAC’s backroom record store ); once I was in New York there were more options.

Sound & Fury Records (RIP) and Generation Records were my main stores in New York and I was able to acquire a lot of great albums. I also had a roommate at the time who was kind of a hippie, but had a pretty big record collection, and I think that made me want to start taking record collecting more seriously.

What is the first record you bought with your own money?

It’s tough, but from what I remember and based on what I still own, I’ll say my first LP was Def Leppard Pyromania and my first 7 inch was Rick Springfield’s single for “Jessie’s Girl”. I bought them both with my pocket money to do household chores, mow the lawn, etc.

Some of the first punk/hardcore records I bought were Judge Bringin It Down, Burn 7 inch, Earth Crisis Fire storm and total warMind over matter restless thoughtand probably silent majority This island land. I still have too many CDs that are all gathering dust in storage, maybe one day I’ll unload them at a friend’s house.

We all have a record that we’ve sold and completely regret, what’s yours?

I rarely sell my records. However, I regret giving away a few records or lending records to people who never came back, like Indecision/Shutdown split, Youth Crew ’95and indecision To believe 7 inches. A huge regret due to the memories linked to these discs and groups.

I gave the Wide Awake TC Hardcore 7 inch on Schism which is worth a lot of money on Discogs these days, but I didn’t like the record and someone really wanted it back then. I think I picked up the record from a distribution box at a Huntington YMCA show in the late 90s on a whim.

On the other hand, what is the record of white whales that you were finally able to obtain, or is it still available?

The biggest white whale record I could score for a good price was Sleep Volume 2 Off disc records. I picked it up on eBay years ago and if I remember correctly it was Keith Huckins’ brother who sold it. Its current range on Discogs is $68 on the low end and $268 on the high end; I don’t remember how much I paid, but it wasn’t much.

Current white whale records, Karp S/T (really any Karp record since my collection is sorely lacking in all of them), Cave In Beyond hypothermia (Still can’t believe I missed this when it came out, great band and I remember seeing them at Deja One in Long Island with Dave Scrod on vocals), Witchcraft S/T and US Christmas run thick the night.

Is there a single record or band that you always buy when you see it?

Eyehaegogod. RIP Joey.

What is a record or genre in your collection that might surprise readers?

I’m not sure I have anything too surprising, but I guess Songs: Ohia and Run the Jewels are two artists who are outliers in my collection, and a few Springsteen records.

What’s the last record you bought?

With the pandemic still looming, it’s really hard to answer because I’ve ordered so many records and several just haven’t arrived yet.

Here is a list of some of my favorite acquisitions of 2021:

  • Sunken Temple Records – A piece of the beast compilation: great composition with excellent bands from NYC/LI released on such as Gospel, Total Meltdown, Herjaza, Kaiju Daisenso (covering a song from State Secedes!) Edgar and Stillsuit! Fuckin’ Stillsuit and Gospel on the same composition, I’m sold!
  • Touched Amoré – Lament: I slept on this band for quite a while, but once I picked up Is Survived by I couldn’t miss the next releases. They don’t disappoint, they tug on all the right chords for me.
  • Melvin- five legged dog: a compilation of Melvins acoustically covering old Melvins songs!
  • Quicksands – Remote populations: another band that I never miss when they release something. Consistent quality production, I can’t think of a band Walter did or was involved in that I didn’t like.

What are your top 5 record stores or where you buy your vinyl?

In NYC, I go regularly to Limited to One, Generation and Academy. Online, I tend to order directly from bands, bandcamp or labels. It’s no longer like you have a VERY catalog to browse through and make selections from.

What records do you think everyone should own on vinyl?

The cliched answer is black sabbath, Paranoid, Flight. 4, master of realityand Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are all essential. Aside from the great NYHC albums (Bad Brains, GB, AF, Cro Mags, Judge, SOIA, etc.), I would say the following are essential records in anyone’s collection; Upside down No spiritual surrender 7″, his hero is gone Monument to thievesNeurosis Through the money in the bloodblack flag DamagedUndead Fixation on a colleague….this list could go on forever!

Do you have a long term plan with fundraising?

No, but living in New York in an apartment makes collecting records somewhat limited depending on space. Tried to slow down my purchases…didn’t work.


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