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Robin Robin Featurette Reveals Gillian Anderson’s Evil Stop-Motion Cat


A behind-the-scenes featurette of Aardman’s latest stop-motion short Robin robin has been published, which focuses on Gillian anderson‘s (Sex education, X files) fluid and intimidating performances. Anderson portrays Cat, the villain of the animated short. Robin robin hit Netflix last week just in time for the holidays.

In the clip, Anderson notes his affinity for Wallace & Gromit, the flagship characters of the Aardman animation. It was therefore an easy choice for her to sign for a project produced by the studio. However, there were still a few surprises as the actress forgot that she would need to perform a song for the film. Much to her relief, the song ended up being more chatty in nature, although the menacing quality of her voice still shines. Well please and Beth porter, the film’s composers, associated the bass clarinet with the richness of its vocal interpretation.

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Anderson had the following to say about the role of Cat:

“I have to say I feel like my first instincts were potentially pretty, you know, predictable just in terms of the evil kitty voice. I feel like the Cat character has really evolved because of the direction I was taking. And this felt like I was being stretched in a way that I hadn’t intended. And so, for example, the first “hello” is almost so unthreatening that it doesn’t threaten you. It doesn’t say much about the psychology of the Cat. There’s something pretty neutral about it, which sort of, in the end, makes it even a little more creepy and scary, which is really interesting. “

Robin robin also marks Aardman’s talent for innovative animation, which the clip also highlights. The film uses felt to create the characters, a diversion from the typical Aardman clay style. Writer and director Mikey please said the studio was looking for a style “that absolutely couldn’t be replicated by CG [computer graphics]. The animators noted the benefits and challenges of this change, with fewer puppets and less time spent changing character positions as a more noted. However, facial expressions are much more difficult to create with these felt creatures. .


Apart from Anderson, Robin robin also stars Adel Akhtar (The big sick), Richard E. Grant (Can you ever forgive me?), Bronte Carmichael (Christophe robin), and Amira Macey-Michael. Daniel Ojari directed the film alongside Please. Robin robin is currently available to stream on Netflix. Check out the clip below:

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